Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap

I ran the Dirty Girl Mud Run today and it was a lot of fun! Luckily, my husband came along to take pictures for me and my friend, so we got a lot of great shots!

We received an email from Dirty Girl that suggested we arrive 90 minutes before we were scheduled to start.  We got there about an hour early, and that was plenty of time for us since we were in the first wave of runners.  If we had been in a later one, I can see how getting there that early would be necessary. Parking was easy and free 🙂

We checked in, received our bibs, shirts, necklace and shampoo samples and headed over to bag check.  We checked our bags and headed over to the start line.  There weren’t too many people there yet, so we were pretty close to the front.

They started us with some Zumba which I wasn’t expecting, so that was fun!  There was a man at the start line with a microphone getting everyone pumped up and asking people about the “teams” they were running with.  My friend and I were sporting our Sweat Pink shirts, and at first he asked if we were Team Sweet Pink, lol!  He was funny and seemed to really get people excited for the race. He did tell us that there was no throwing elbows on the obstacles, we got a good laugh out of that.  I don’t think either of us are that competitive that we would ever think to throw an elbow, lol!


We started out jogging to the first obstacle.  We had already decided we weren’t going to run this as a race, but that we would just have fun with it and walk or jog between obstacles.  Plus, I am not that certain about my ability to run on grass/gravel and not injure myself, lol!  And we were both in shoes that are not our normal running shoes- I don’t want to risk injury and have to stop my half marathon training!

The first obstacle we arrived at was a big blow up climbing device.  There was a very strong man at the base to make sure not everyone climbed up at once and caused a traffic jam.  He said he had to catch someone who fell back the day before.  Yikes!


We ran a little bit after this obstacle since the next one was pretty far away.  And by run, I mean jog 🙂  Mostly because my husband was taking our picture.


The next obstacle was a wall we had to climb up and over. There was one of the photographers there, but he was on his cell phone and totally missed us going over the wall!

We got to the mud next.  We had to get in a big pit of mud and crawl through a tunnel like structure.  When I first got in, I thought I could get through without putting my hands down in the mud.  But once inside the tunnel I realized it would take me forever to walk in a squat position and I was feeling a little claustrophobic.  So I stuck my hands in and crawled through!

After that,  was another mud pit that we had to crawl through but this one had netting as the top of the tunnel. Can you see how thrilled we were about this one?



Somehow I came out of this with my head clean, but my poor friend had mud dripping down her forehead!


We had a little ways to go for the next obstacle, so my husband got this picture of my daughter running “with” us- she wasn’t actually cooperating, he just ran ahead and turned around for the shot 🙂


Our next obstacle was a big pyramid of ropes that you had to climb up and over.  There were bells at the top to ring before you crossed to the other side.  The challenge with this one, was when there were other people climbing at the same time and the ropes were moving a lot.




There was another obstacle with ropes, only this one involved climbing across them.  I chose to crab walk it, but many people did it on their hands and feet.



The next few obstacles we did were not as easily accessible for my husband and daughter, so there are no photos.  There were some mud pits to wade through and a big blow up device that was like running through tires.

After that obstacle, I had a foot cramp and we had to move to the side so I could alleviate that.  I am a frequent foot cramper, especially when my feet are in water for an extended period of time.  My shoes were full of water and mud and had been for about an hour at this point.  But after stretching it for a few minutes, I was good to go.  When we got to the next obstacle, my husband asked if I was ok- I didn’t realize he could see us way back there, but what he saw was me bent over, looking like I was in pain.  I assured him I was ok and we climbed up to get into the waist deep mud!



There was a man standing there to warn us that there were stairs for us to climb out.  I’m glad he told us that, or we would have hit them and tripped!  There were two stairs and when I went to step to the next one, I realized there wasn’t one.  There was about a 2 feet distance between the tallest stair and the edge, so we climbed out of the cold, squishy mud!  We thought maybe the stairs just kind of floated away from the edge with all the people causing waves in the pool 🙂

Next up was the big slide!  This one was the worst for me because I am not a fan of slides!  I do not like to go straight down!  My husband took a video of this one:



The last obstacle was another mud pit, and even though you could walk through this, most people were crawling for the fun of it- and my husband was yelling to us to crawl, so we did!  He also told me to put mud on my face so I put a little bit on my cheeks.  And he told my friend to knock me over into the mud!  She didn’t, because she didn’t want me to knock her over in retaliation 🙂


We did it!  It really was a lot of fun and we agreed that we would do it again.


They were handing out a coconut drink at the end to help replace electrolytes.  It’s chocolate flavored so I can’t wait to try it!

Since we were all muddy, we picked up our bags and headed to the rinsing station.  They had a big tent set up and inside were hoses to rinse off with.  My friend and I did the best we could ourselves, then squirt each others backs as clean as we could.

On our way in to rinse off, there were people asking if we wanted to donate our muddy shoes. We had both planned on it, so after a little bit of a struggle with our laces, we got them off and handed them over.  Then we realized we could have done that after the rinsing and avoided walking over a bunch of rocks.  But at least this way we didn’t have to pick up our muddy shoes after already being rinsed off.

Overall, it was a lot of fun!  We were disappointed that there wasn’t any food offered at the end.  Usually there are bananas or chips at the end of an event, but we didn’t see either.  She tried the drink they gave us and liked it, but I saved mine since I had water in the car that I wanted to drink.

My daughter would NOT give me a high five, or hug me, but later she did say “Can you go in the mud again? That was funny when you were in the mud!”

My friend blogged about our experience also, and you can read about it here: Dirty Girl Mud Run.  Another friend who did it on another day also blogged about it here: 5K Review: Dirty Girl Mud Run.

Have you ever done a mud run?


3 thoughts on “Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap

  1. Jenn says:

    I love that picture of your daughter running to the side! And I also love that she wouldn’t high-five or hug you. Our son always tells us he will give hugs and kisses after we shower when we are running and come home sweaty. LOL.

    Looks like a great race!


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