Mud Run Checklist

A few days leading up to the mud run, my friend and I were asking each other what we were going to wear, what shoes to wear and what we should bring.  So I thought it would be helpful to other people if I posted a mud run checklist.

If you missed my race recap, you can check it out here: Mud Run Race Recap

I turned the checklist into a picture so you can Pin it if you want to! If you think you will do a mud run someday, Pin it now so you will have it 🙂

mud run checklist plus towel

I was getting ready for the gym today and I grabbed my Sweat Pink tank top that I wore for the mud run and it was still dirty!  It had gone through the wash twice already.  So I took it to the bathroom and started rinsing it in the sink and there was so much mud left in it! So I would definitely recommend rinsing your muddy clothes thoroughly before washing them!

I didn’t  bring my waterproof camera, but I wish I would have!  A group of women that were close to us had one and they had us take a picture for them.  How fun will those pictures be!  I was afraid that my camera would get too beat up in the obstacles, but now that I have been through them, I know it would have been just fine.  It has a strap that I can tighten around my wrist, so I will being one next time for sure!

I have a Panasonic waterproof digital camera.  I did a LOT of research and looked at a LOT of reviews on water proof digital cameras.  I am happy with my purchase and it has worked great for over a year already!

 If you have done a mud run and I missed something, let me know!  I’ll add it to the list!

Thanks for my friend Kim and Jodi for adding sunscreen and a towel to my list!  I had those myself on the day of the race, but somehow missed them on this list!

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3 thoughts on “Mud Run Checklist

  1. Jodi @ 13.1 Miles to Disney says:

    Hi! I found your blog through today’s Link Love on the Sweat Pink fb page. This is a great check list! I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run back in February and everything you mentioned was a must. I would also add an old towel to dry off after the race. The Dirty Girl Mud Run people had a big tent set up with water hoses so we could rinse off. It was nice to get most of the dirt off but some of the ladies didn’t have a towel for after the rinsing.


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