The Foam Roller: My new BFF

My husband is pretty excited that my mileage is going up every week. Last week it was 6 miles and today it was 7 . It was tough. And I knew I’d be in rough shape after. So he will be happy to know that my new BFF is his foam roller.


I’m very glad he has one, and I’m very glad YouTube has lots of videos on how to help with lower back pain. I’m not sure what is going on but I have this incredible-and I’m using this in the not-so-great form of incredible- pain in my lower back. It’s worse when I’m sitting and bending. And it’s really bad when I get up in the morning- which is odd to me since I am laying and not bent in a sitting position.

This started sometime last weekend, maybe after the mud run. I thought maybe I strained a muscle that I don’t normally use in running, but if that were the case the pain would be gone by now. Or maybe I’m over projecting how long the pain has gone on and it started Wednesday after the 200 lunges I did around the track at the gym. Followed by 15 minutes of pretty intense rowing. I was making up for the fact that I couldn’t get into the running groove indoors. And I tried! Oh how I tried! I startd on the track. Couldn’t get into it, so I moved to the treadmill. That was worse. So I went back to the track. Then I realized it just wasn’t happening, so I moved on.

I probably jinxed myself when I was running my 6 miles. I was thinking how great it was not to be in pain all day, or to fear pain with any food intake. Being gluten free has really helped me. Mentally and physically! Pain is tiring, and it’s stressful. So now that I know what I can eat, and what I can’t (with a few oops’s in between), I am virtually pain free! Except now I am in pain 😦

If I put my hands on my hips, then massage down deep with my thumbs, I can feel where the problem is. But I’m not sure if kneading it with my thumbs is making it worse or making it better. It seems to provide relief while I’m doing it. But the pain has not gotten better all week. With vacation coming up on Friday that involves plane travel, I think I need to get this over with! I do not like to take pain pills of any sort. Even the weakest of the weak ones- I spent years with migraines taking medication. Then years of infertility taking medication. And all of that medication never helped solve the problem, it just masked the symptoms so I could function. I can’t remember the last time I took anything for pain. I think it was around the time I ran the Shamrock Shuffle because I had a very bad sinus infection that made my entire face hurt so bad I couldn’t concentrate on anything! And at that point I was eating gluten, and already in abdominal distress. Then the medication made me have heartburn. So I was trading one pain for another.

Hopefully I will get some relief soon!

Do you use a foam roller?

2 thoughts on “The Foam Roller: My new BFF

  1. Bridget says:

    well you could always come over an have the boys drive tonka trucks up and down your back…lol, maybe that will help 😉
    hoping you feel better soon


  2. Kim says:

    I don’t use my foam roller nearly as often as I should. Usually after really long runs I will try to spend some time with it. I know that it would benefit me to use it every day but….


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