Am I ready to run?

Oh my gosh my half marathon is in 62 days!  Am I ready to run?

2 weeks ago I ran 7 miles and that was the farthest I had ever run!  And now it’s been 2 weeks and I’ve only run once since then.  On vacation.  It was humid.  And I was feeling deyhdrated from all the swimming in the ocean and the pool.

But I have a bib number already.  And I confirmed I was ok with the date change for the race.

So I better get serious!

Working has thrown a wrench in my running plans.  I work until 6 three nights a week, so I come home and sometimes go running.  I can run in the morning 3 days a week, if I am feeling up to it.  Mornings have been rough for my back still.  And the gym daycare doesn’t open until 8am, so if she gets up at 5am…it’s hard to stay motivated and not drink a ton of coffee in those 3 hours.

I was going to go out last night, but then the rain came, and the gym closed at 7pm.  I ate dinner at 5:30, and I have to wait at least an hour to run.  The radar map showed a big green/yellow/orange blob over my city.

So I get to run tonight after work.  Which means I need to drink a TON of water today!  Maybe I will be more excited when my new running gear comes in the mail.  My husband got a bonus at work and it comes in the form of an Amazon gift card.  So he is giving it to me to get a fuel belt and some new running shorts!

Since I’ve run with my husbands fuel belt and know that I like it, I am going to get that one.  I’m bummed it doesn’t come in pink, but I told him I can add some pink glitter to the bottles 🙂  I like this one because it’s velco so you just adjust that to fit where you want to wear it and you can move the bottles around.

And I’m looking at this skirt so far:

Asics Women’s PR Skort, Medium, Pink Glow

Have you gotten any new running gear lately?

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2 thoughts on “Am I ready to run?

  1. Bridget says:

    ha….i dunno if i consider it gear….but i did find some awesome tekgear tanks on sale at kohls last week for $4.99
    whoot whoot!
    and it will be like getting “new” gear when I find my other running shoes in one of the boxes i have yet to unpack!


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