Shopping with a wild monkey

I was off work today and we had some errands to run.  The errands involved a few stores.  I didn’t have too much shopping to do, but I wanted to check out a resale shop that I love and go try on some running sneakers.  So after the gym my daughter and I came home for a snack and then set out to shop.

At the resale shop, she disappeared and when I looked over at the rack of pants, I could see the pants moving.  She was inside.  The ladies there are really nice and she is comfortable there, so she is not embarrassed to do things like that.  We managed to leave the store with a new shirt for me and two new shirts for her.  They also give her a stuffed animal for shopping.  She picked a manatee.  She loves when stores do this.

We also had to stop at UPS to drop of a return for Amazon.  I told her we were just going in and out really quick.  She asked me to leave her in the car.  I told her it was illegal. She behaved, but there is not much trouble you can get into by walking into UPS, handing over a package, getting a receipt, and walking out.  I think it took us 3 minutes in and out.

Next we stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I forgot that you have to ask for the shoes in your size to try on.  And this takes extra time.  When you have a wild monkey with you, that time is not something you can sit around waiting on.  So I tried on 2 pairs that were on display with all the sizes out.  An employee came over to help me and he checked on one shoe for me.  They didn’t have my size.  Of course.  That always happens to me.  Does everyone that shops there wear a size 10?  While I was waiting, she set up the iPad on a bench and then proceeded to crawl under the bench and slide back and forth.  Well, the iPad didn’t like that and fell over.  Onto her face.  This is why I bought the big, soft, plastic case.  Nothing was broken.

I asked the employee for something and he said they don’t sell it but suggested GNC which was in the same big parking area, just a different plaza.  So we went to one last store.  She brought her fake Kindle in.  It’s a mirror that you can hang in a school locker.  For some reason she calls it her Kindle and tells me about all the games on there and happily types away on it.  The man at GNC was showing me the bars they have that are gluten free and while I was looking at them, and checking ingredients, my wild monkey decided to hold the Kindle up to her eyes and run in my direction.  Only she turned a little and hit the display.


This is exactly how the scene looked.  I closed my eyes to take a deep breath (can you tell that in my beautiful drawing?) Luckily for her, the display was just that, a display.  The cans were empty and weighed nothing.  The employee was nice and was more concerned with if she was ok than if the display was broken.

Shopping sure has been a challenge lately.  It was much easier when she was little and couldn’t walk or run around.  I seriously feel like I have a wild monkey with me sometimes.  Have you seen the monkeys at the zoo?  How they just climb and swing from one thing to the next, leaving destruction in their wake?  That’s my kid in a store.  With me anyways.  When my husband takes her, she is an angel.  Doesn’t get into anything, doesn’t run, doesn’t beg for stuff!  She pointed to something at GNC and said “I TOTALLY need this!”

I’m in a mom’s group on Facebook and this mom complained the other day about how she sees so many moms letting their kids misbehave in a store.  Guess I hope I never run into her so she can judge me and my kid 🙂  I don’t participate in conversations in the group because it’s mostly negative stuff and I feel like I just have to parent the best I can and laugh at things like this (later of course, when she doesn’t know I’m laughing about what happened because I don’t want her to think it’s ok to destroy things in a store). I do talk to her about what she did and what she could do different next time.  And usually her behaviors are different in each store, and she is quick to point that out.  Someday I will get to the end of her ideas of how to terrorize me in a store 🙂

Do your kids act like wild monkeys in the store?


2 thoughts on “Shopping with a wild monkey

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve had my boys pitch fits (the kind where they throw themselves on the floor and scream) in stores, I’ve lost them, I’ve had to leave my stuff and walk out of the store because of them – actually this was all with my youngest one, the older one was easy!!
    All I cans say is it will get easier!


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