Rescue me! I’m under a tree!

My husband had to rescue me tonight.  From under a tree.  🙂  I checked the radar, I swear!  It showed we would get rain.  At 7:30.  I went out at 6:15.  I made it 1.5 miles before the rain started.  It was a few sprinkles and then a torrential downpour!

I’ve been wanting to try out my new running shorts, and it was a beautiful night.  So I put a Ziploc in my pocket and headed out.  The sky was looking kinda grey, but not too bad.  I didn’t really have a goal in mind for how far I wanted to run, but I wanted to do at least 3 miles.  I was actually feeling much better today- first day without nausea in 6 days.  Maybe the gluten has left my body 🙂

Here are the shorts I was wearing (too bad the nice toned legs didn’t come with them- this is why I run, I want those legs 🙂 :


My husband got a bonus at work, but it came in the form of a gift card.  So he chose Amazon and let me have it to get some running gear 🙂  Normally I don’t like to pay $39.99 for a pair of shorts, but I want to be comfortable to run, and you get what you pay for, right? So I got these shorts in black and plum.  I was nervous ordering something without trying them on- especially since I’ve lost a bunch of weight since going gluten free- but these were perfect! I ordered a small and they fit good!

They have a drawstring inside which I thought would be annoying, and I actually let one end slip inside the shorts on accident, but I didn’t need to tie them and it didn’t bother me.  I’m glad it had a pocket- I zipped a Ziploc in there! They were the perfect length and do not ride up at all!

So, my run was going good.  I was feeling good, chewing my gum, breathing ok, and then I felt a sprinkle.  And then another.  So I stopped, got my phone out of the armband and into the Ziploc and starting running faster.  And faster.  And then my phone whistled at me (that’s what sound it makes when I get a text), and it was my husband, asking “do you need me to come get you?”  So I texted yes through the Ziploc and then he called to see where I was.  I gave him the cross street and then got under a tree.  I was literally hugging the tree to keep my phone dry.


Here I am, through the Ziploc!  I enjoyed the coolness of the rain and I would have kept running, but I was doubting the ability of the plastic to keep my phone dry.  And I can’t lose my phone!

Of course my husband grabbed a towel before he came too, so I didn’t get his car soaked.  I was really wet.  I mean, thoroughly wet, all the way through everything!


Can you see how wet I am?  This is my favorite shirt, by the way- but unfortunately the material does not go well with a fuel belt 😦  So I wear it for shorter runs.


Here are the shorts again.  I didn’t adjust them after my run at all and they are exactly as they were when I put them on!  This makes me happy 🙂

I think I would really like running in the rain, which means I need to find something to waterproof my phone because I simply can’t run without music and the cheers I get through the Nike + app!

Have you gotten caught in the rain before?

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