Playful Planet Yoga Fun with my daughter!

Recently I won this great Playful Planet Yoga video from another blog: Our Three Peas.  I was so excited to have won this because my daughter is always telling me she wants to do yoga.  And if I ask her to do something she says she has to stretch first and proceeds to do some crazy made up poses.  She was really happy when the DVD came in the mail!  And it was addressed to her! She LOVES to get mail!

The DVD actually arrived right before we left for vacation, so I threw it in our suitcase. Only the DVD player at the house we rented wasn’t working.  She was so upset! So we finally got around to trying it out the other night. My sister and nephew are visiting and he needed to take a bath and she was so upset that she wanted to play, so I suggested she take a shower and we do some yoga.  So we did.



This was one of the poses towards the end and it involved having a partner. She was excited to try to push me over in this pose 🙂

The video was great and held her attention very well.  The workout we did had a mission of saving the whale.  My daughter LOVES animals, so she was happy to help save the whale.

I have never been a big fan of yoga.  I guess I shouldn’t wonder why my daughter doesn’t like to move slow or just sit down, because that’s what I struggle with when doing yoga.  I can never seem to calm my mind enough to focus and breathe like they tell you to. I always have my mind on what I have to do after the yoga is done.  But this video didn’t have my mind wandering and it was still a good workout for me.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this video for your kids, or yourself!

If you are looking for more information, here is the link to the product on Amazon (affiliate link):


Do you include your kids in your workout?

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