Getting my workout done at Discovery World Museum!

So yesterday I went to Discovery World in Milwaukee with my sister.  We thought the kids would love the aquarium because you get to pet a shark!  They were both excited to go and we spent a long time trying to pet the sharks!



We explored a really cool ship they have in the museum, complete with signs to help you understand what each thing is for:



There were a lot of cool things to see!  We got to walk over the aquarium and that was cool!  My poor nephew looked down and must have thought he was going to fall because he tried so hard to stop and backpeddle, and fell right on his tush!  Lol!



We also got to walk under the aquarium and that was even cooler!

194 191

We were bummed that we didn’t find Nemo, so I asked an employee and she said that the clown fish had babies and were back in the back room being cared for.  I told her we were bummed so she told us to come back at 12 and she would take us back to see them!  That was exciting!  We also got to see baby seahorses that were so tiny!

After we got to go behind the scenes to see Nemo and his family, we went to check out the rest of the museum.  We found this hamster wheel type contraption and of course we had to try it out.  My daughter wasn’t quite heavy enough to get it going herself, so my sister hopped on with both kids.  After they got off, I decided to give it a try.  It was fun!  And HARD!  Like a treadmill, only harder!  Check out the video my sister got of me running on it with my daughter:

269 264

They also had a studio where you could design something to take home.  There was no extra charge, but some of the things required you being a member.  We choose the tree because we saw other people with it and thought it was beautiful!


We didn’t spend too much time there because my nephew was too young to do a craft, so we will finish decorating with some jewels we have at home!

 We had fun, and it’s a cool place- but I don’t think we will go back again until my daughter is another year older.  The exhibits were geared more towards older kids.  They have a cool helicoptor and driving simulator, but my daughter wasn’t tall enough to do the driving one.  And my nephew definitely wasn’t big enough. I know they change exhibits so I’ll just watch and see if I see something more age appropriate for her.

The area around the museum is beautiful.  Unfortunately we had two very tired toddlers, so we didn’t get to see too much out there.


 Have you ever been to Discovery World? Or a similar museum where you live?

One thought on “Getting my workout done at Discovery World Museum!

  1. Kim says:

    When my boys were a little younger, we loved museums like that!!! We could spend hours!!! I still love aquariums – especially the ones with the tunnels.
    That hamster wheel does look hard – fun though!


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