Zumba by the Niagara River

Tonight I got to participate in a Zumba class outside by the Niagara River. My sisters gym does this class every Wednesday night and since I got into town on a Wednesday morning, we went to the class at night.

We had the kids with us, and the plan was they were to play where we could see them, not too far away.  Her kids are 10, 7 and 5, and they are boys…so they were climbing trees.  I warned my sister that if she saw me running, it meant one of them fell because I had a good view.


I haven’t done Zumba in awhile, but these instructors are awesome!  No one compares to them, so it’s better for me just to only come when I am here!  They were awesome as usual and the class was really fun!

We were two songs in when I saw my daughter standing up in a tree, and the three boys were on a different tree.  She was looking a little stuck so I ran over to get her down 🙂

After a few more songs, my aunt showed up so I got more into the class since I knew she was with them.  Every time they’d walk out of view, I was moving around to make sure I could see them.


Can you pick me out in this picture?  I bet you know what color to look for 🙂


There were a lot of people participating!  And a lot of spectators! My aunt tried to get my daughter to do the moves, but she looked at us with a deadpan look and said “no”.  She got into it at the end when we went over by them and I was doing part of the cool down song.  When I was bent over in a very low squat she jumped onto my back and took a little ride up when I stood up.  Then she was clinging to my legs as I lifted them.  Just a little extra bonus weight for my stretches!


We had a few photo bomb attempts with this picture.  If one kid wasn’t jumping in, the other was.  And then mine was punching the other in the stomach while he was taking the picture…lol!  Kids!

I’m really glad I got to go, and that I had the energy after riding on the train all night!  We left Chicago at 9:30 at night and arrived this morning at 9am.  I got a little sleep, but not too much.  It was very cold on the train, and every time I would get comfy, my daughter would flop over and wake me up.  Or someone would make noise and wake me up…so I was pretty exhausted today!  I hit a bit of a wall towards the end, and I asked my sister if it was almost over.  She said the current instructor always ended it so I gave it a push and finished it out! It was a beautiful night for Zumba!

Have you done any outdoor fitness classes this summer?

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