Sweaty? Get a Runningluv!

Recently, I discovered an item called a Runningluv on another blog.  They were having a giveaway for the item, so I entered, but then I went to their site and asked if they could send me one for review.  I was so excited when they said yes!  And even more excited when they said they would send one for my sister too!  We have a few matching shirts and were going to get to run together for the first time since I would be visiting!

I sweat when I run, so do you! And pulling my shirt up to wipe my face isn’t really an option now that I wear a hydration belt.  So I’ve been looking for other options and was glad to find the Runningluv!


My mom was watching all the kids, so she took our picture before we set off on our first sisterly run around her neighborhood.  We were excited to test our our Runningluv’s together!  Don’t they look great on our hands?

It was a pretty hot run, so it was a great test of how well the Runningluv works.  We both had to use it to wipe our face within the first mile.  We left them wrapped around our hands, and just swiped at our sweat.  It was great to have the option to unfold it and use a bigger surface when we got even sweatier!

I have to say, I was skeptical about how annoying something would be in my hand- but it was ON my hand and I didn’t have to hold it, so it wasn’t annoying at all! It was easy to use and a great convenience to have!


We are a lot less sweatier here than we would have been without our Runningluv‘s!


We ran our farthest run together at 7.09 miles! And I ran my 100th run with Nike+ with my sister!  How awesome is that!


We ran 3 times together and are both in love with our Runningluv!


You should definitely go check them out and like them on Facebook: Runningluv on Facebook

And if you are on Twitter, go follow them: Runningluv on Twitter

Tell them Frugal Running Mama sent you!

This post is a review of a product I was sent.  I was not compensated for this review, except for receiving the product, and the views expressed are my own.  Please see my Disclosure page if you have any questions.


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