Dirt = Fun!

You probably think I’m crazy, but if my kid is covered in dirt, to me that means she had a lot of fun!  Yes, we use a lot of wipes, and take a lot of baths and do a lot of laundry…but how fun is it to stay clean all the time? Lol! On our adventures, dirt = fun!

We spent a week and a half visiting my family, and my daughter got dirty.


And more dirty.


And more dirty.096

She found this mud puddle at a park when we were having a picnic with friends.  There were a ton of other kids there, but not one other kid got into this mud puddle. She was insane about it! She came running over and said “Mommy! I’m in a mud race!” Lol!

She was so filthy when she was done!  But there was a splash pad right there, so I sent her over to wash it off.  Only it was pretty thick and wouldn’t come off.  I tried to help her but every time she got close enough to the water, it would ricochet off her and hit me!  So I got her clean enough for traveling home.

Another day, we went to a place called Glenn Falls and she had a blast running around in her dress 🙂


She doesn’t hesitate to just get right on the ground and play in the water.


Or climb walls, lol!


She was being such a stinker!


My mom told us to smile…


And by the end of the night, her feet were filthy!  And her dress had a rip in it 😦

But, dirt can be washed off and dresses can be mended.  The most important thing is that she had a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “Dirt = Fun!

  1. Bridget says:

    I just bought a huge container of Oxyclean recently cause the boys are always a mess! But I love that they get dirty and are having fun too! Let them be a kind while they can! 🙂


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