My must have running gear

People say running is a free sport, but I’m finding that hard to believe with this must have running gear list I’ve come up with!  Or maybe I’m just a high maintenance runner, lol!

Most of the items I have because my husband suggested them, since he is a much more experienced runner. And I’ve been adding more things as I’ve added distance to my runs.

When I was just running between 1 and 3 miles each run, I used this handheld water bottle and it worked out great!  It has a pocket that was great for my keys, and it stayed on my hand easily.

Now that I am training for a half marathon, I’ve moved up to a hydration belt.  I wear it on every run right now so I am used to it.  I don’t like stopping at water stations during a race because there are usually a ton of people and it disrupts my groove :-).  This belt has removable clips for water bottles, and I usually run with just 2 bottles.  It also has a removable pouch for keys or fuel.

I have to listen to music while I run.  I use the Nike+ app so I hear cheers from people when they like or comment on my status update.  I run this on my phone where I have music from my iTunes account.  And I listen with these headphones:

I chose these because they are pink and they work great!  I had some that worked, but I had lost the little plastic pieces that go in your ear, and it just doesn’t sound the same without those.

I recently got these shorts and I LOVE them!  They are the perfect length for running and they don’t ride up at all!  I have two pairs, one is black and one is purple

I am not a fan of many of the electrolyte drinks that are available, and they are not all gluten free, so I have started using Nuun.  I like to drink some before a long run to hydrate me, and then bring a tab along to put in a water bottle if I need it.

I’ve tried a few different fuels and the one that seems to work best for me is Jelly Belly Sport Beans.  I like the fruit punch flavor and they are in a nice small package that I can throw in my fuel belt pouch. I have a Jelly Belly factory where I live, so I can pick up mishapen Jelly Belly packs for $0.50 each if I don’t mind the odd shapes 🙂

I also carry pepper spray on my fuel belt. I use one from Personal Savers and it stays on and doesn’t bother me.  Hopefully I’ll never have to use it, but I like to have it
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I have sunglasses I ordered recently, and now when I click on them it says they don’t exist, but they are similar to these.  They are nice because they don’t bounce on my face, and they are much smaller, so they don’t fog up when I am too sweaty!

The newest addition to my running gear will be these sneakers.  I am switching from a shoe with a TON of support, to these.  I ordered the purple ones and will throw my pink laces in there 🙂

My other most recent addition is a Runningluv and I am in LOVE!  I do not like to have sweat running down my face, and normally I wear a Bondi Band, but when my sinuses are congested, I can’t wear a headband.  Also, the sweat that starts lower on your face still drips!


As I mentioned, I normally wear a Bondi Band- I LOVE them!  They stay in place but aren’t too tight (when I am not having sinus issues- I can’t even wear my glasses when it’s bad!)


I have on the Bondi Band I got at the Running Diva Mom Running Retreat in May and it’s one of my favorites!  I’m also wearing one of my favorite tanks- Sweat Pink!

I am sure I will get more gear as I run more, but right now, these are my must haves!  What are your must haves?

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