Officially on Snickers restriction!

I love Snickers bars. I do. It’s the truth. I could probably eat 6 a day. King size. Unfortunately (read, luckily) they are gluten free and I can tolerate them. So I have been abusing that a little. And by that, I mean A LOT. I am starting to wonder if I am eating too many. They don’t seem to be making me gain weight (don’t hate me for saying that- I will trade my body’s inability to eat just about everything for some extra pounds. Seriously.) But eating this many cannot be healthy! Enter the Snickers restriction…

With my half marathon being 4 weeks away, I am deciding that I will not eat any more Snickers until I cross the finish line. I’m serious. Don’t let me eat any. No matter what I do. Or what I threaten you with. Do not feed me Snickers!
I told my nutritionist that I sometimes eat 3 a day and she said that was ok. Enabler.

Don’t be an enabler! Tell me NO! But don’t deny me coffee…

I was going to try to give up coffee too. But I decided I shouldn’t go overboard. I mean, I have to have coffee. I just can’t live without it…

So, who is going to be at the finish line waiting to give me a Snickers? Please make sure it’s king size 🙂 And a Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frap -decaf please. Don’t try telling me they retired that drink, especially after I go 4 weeks without a Snickers. And then run 13.1 miles. Just make. It. Happen.

One thought on “Officially on Snickers restriction!

  1. Kimberly says:

    I love that you are my friend!!! You just make me laugh!! I don’t know what I laughed more at. The, “Do not feed me Snickers!” Or the “I told my nutritionist that I sometimes eat 3 a day and she said that was ok. Enabler.” I would love to be there with a lot of snickers!! You can do this. Anything that you put your mind to, you do it. So you got this!!


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