Our one hour boat ride….

My daughter loves water.  So you would think she would love boats, right?  Well, I’m pretty sure after today, she doesn’t love boats anymore.  We went to a place where you can rent boats that you power by pedaling, as if you were on a bike.  We took some friends with us and picked out a dragon shaped boat since it fit 4 people.  And then we set out on our one hour boat ride…


We were quite cozy on this boat.  It really should only have 3 people, but since my daughter is little, the girl told us we could fit four.  Before we even got on the boat, my friends daughter was saying she thought the boat would tip.  So the guy getting us on offered to get on and show her how it would not tip.  We declined.  And got cozy 🙂


This picture just cracks me up! My daughter was not enjoying this!  It was pretty hot, and she was kinda tired, but she just had to sit and enjoy the ride…

My friend Jen and I were pedaling away, heading towards this cute duck to say hello.


The problem is, we kept pretty close to this duck.  We wanted to go up and around the big branch it was sitting on.  But the boat wouldn’t go where we wanted it to.  We turned the handle back and forth and pedaled back and forward, but it didn’t seem to matter what we did!  We were stuck!

Jen and I were laughing about the whole thing.  My daughter was not. Her daughter was saying she wished we didn’t crash and die.  My daughter started telling me to call the people to get us back.  “Call them Mommy!  Text them!  Tell them to come save us!”

I did actually call them to see if they could help us.  It didn’t seem to matter what we did, we couldn’t get the boat to go anywhere!  And there was a lot of seaweed in the water.  The guy on the phone kept asking where we were, and suggested we try to go back towards the dock.  I assured him we were trying.  And I’m sure in the background he could hear my friend yelling that the steering didn’t work, and my daughter yelling that we were gonna sink…

He assured me someone would be coming to help, so we tried to at least stay in place while we waited to be rescued.  During this time, I saw this spider/mosquito thing hovering around my leg.  I didn’t want to do what my husband calls my “bug dance” while in the boat and freak my daughter out even more, so I flicked it.  Only I flicked it at Jen.  So I felt the need to apologize to her:

Me: Jen, I’m really sorry but I just flicked a bug at you


Hahahahahahahahaha!  I was laughing as I remembered that time at my house, when she almost knocked over a 2 year old in a cast because my daughter was bringing a cricket near her, lol!


My daughter was yelling about not ever getting off the boat, but then we saw a man coming towards us in a kayak.  Jen and I were both unsure how a kayak would save us…


After clearing out the rudder, he tried to tow us in with the kayak.  Only he was going upstream.  And against the wind.  And our backpeddaling was just causing more seaweed to get caught in the boat.  Jen and I were still kinda laughing.  Her husband called and she told him we were being rescued and she would call him back, lol!


He decided we needed to get to the shore closest to us so he could get a longer rope and just pull us in to the closest dock.  So he pretty much paddled behind us and gave us some nudges until we crashed into the edge.  The girls LOVED this, lol!


Our job was to pedal and keep the boat stuck on the side of the shore while he went for more help.  Then he came back on land, threw me the rope and told me to tie it to the dragons neck.  So we did that.  Then they gave me a paddle to help shove off from the edge and bottom so we wouldn’t get stuck.  And he proceeded to pull us along shore.  Only that just made us smash into the rocks over and over again.  And that did not make for a happy kid…

She all of a sudden yelled “WHY DID YOU LIE!?” I was like what are you talking about?  She said when the guy asked if we wanted to see if it could tip, we should have said yes. She was really mad at me!


She was so convinced we were gonna sink.  The guy assured us that it was 3 feet deep at it’s deepest and that he was gonna get us out soon.  We kept asking him if this happens often.  They didn’t seem to be laughing at us, and they assured us that the seaweed was bad and they have had to do rescues before.  Only ours was the oddest one they have done.

The guy on the shore that was pulling us was having a hard time getting the rope over the trees.  I was trying to push them down with the oar as best I could to help him, but it was obvious something else needed to be done.

I don’t have any more pictures of the rescue from here, because I was using the paddle with one hand and had handed my camera off to be put away.  The other guy came back out in the kayak with another rope, and was pulling us in the water, as the other guy pulled us along the land.  And that did it.  We got to the dock!


My daughter was so happy to get off the boat! We had a little walk to get back to the original dock, but she didn’t care about that!

end of ride

These are the nice men that helped us out, my daughter called them our life savers.  Two minutes later I asked her if today was fun and she said “yeah” LOL!

It was quite an adventurous day.  They ended up giving us our voucher back to use again, so my friend might take the kids back on Tuesday to rent bikes instead.  I’m sure I missed some parts of the story, and Jen can fill them in for me 🙂

On our ride home, my daughter was talking to my friend Kim on the phone and I heard her say “Do you want to ride on the dragon boat with us next time?” Lol!  Maybe she isn’t that traumatized!  I also heard her say “I was freaking out on the boat.  I thought it was going to sink and we were going to die.”

And then later on Skype with her Grandma, I told her to tell Grandma about her day and she said “We went on a boat and Mommy told a LIE!”  Haha!  She is so stuck on that!  We will have to talk about it again so she doesn’t think I lied.

Have you ever had a crazy adventure like this?  Jen and I just kept laughing and the girls were just so mad!


3 thoughts on “Our one hour boat ride….

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds like quite an adventure and lots of memories and future stories to be told from the day!!
    Funny that your daughter was convinced you lied.
    Glad y’all didn’t tip!!


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