I’m not crazy, just gluten free!

I feel the need to say this several times a day sometimes: I’m not crazy, just gluten free! I imagine being gluten free even just a few years ago was harder than it is now, but I still get some crazy looks! Especially when I start talking about cross contamination…

No gluten for me means none.  At all.  Like not even a crumb of it can be on my food.  That would mean it’s cross contaminated.  I was so happy to hear that Red Robin has a gluten free menu, and they dedicate a grill and fryer to gluten free food.  That means that my chicken is not cooked on the same grill as anything that may contain gluten.  And that means I can have sweet potato fries, which I LOVE!  And they have this dressing…oh it’s delicious!

You probably think I’m nuts, but the last time I ate chicken off my own grill, I got sick.  I didn’t think about cleaning my grill, I just grabbed the chicken my husband cooked and ate it.  And then got sick.  So I’m not crazy.

I so wish I could grab some fries from a random fast food drive through, but I can’t.  They fry the tater tots or hash browns in that same fryer, and those have gluten.  It sucks sometimes.  But it still doesn’t make me crazy!

I went to the movies with my sister and I asked the guy if the popcorn was really gluten free.  I had done some research online and it said it was, but that cross contamination could occur since they serve hot dog buns.  So when he said he believed it was, I asked what was the chance of someone handling those hot dog buns, and then the popcorn.  He said it was very unlikely.

Me: If you knew you could get sick if it was contaminated, would you try it?

Him: Well, I love popcorn, so I probably would

Me: Ok then, thanks!

I did eat a bit of her popcorn and I was fine.  I have a friend that told me they eat it all the time and have Celiac.

I went into an ice cream shop one day:

Me: what flavors are gluten free?

Them: The only ones with gluten are the obvious ones

Me: That’s helpful

I know people think I’m crazy.  But if they felt the way I do when they ingested gluten, they would understand.  Have you ever had heart burn so bad you thought your chest was literally on fire?  Have you been nauseous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Those are just some of the symptoms I experience.  I’ve had hiccups for years, eye twitches, leg cramps….so many things you wouldn’t think are associated, but they were!

I was in the airport, stuck (I will blog about that experience soon, when I’m more calm about it) because of so many odd factors at once.  And I ingested some kind of gluten.  I’m pretty sure it was in the coffee I bought to try to calm myself down…

Me: Are your drinks gluten free?

Them: We have soy milk

Me: That’s exactly what I was asking…

I don’t expect everyone in the world to know what gluten is, but at least ask me “what does that mean?”

I am finding more and more gluten free foods, and more and more restaurants that have special menus….but there is still a long way to go before I can feel more safe when out in public and ordering food.

So if you are with me, and you hear me having a nice long conversation with the person preparing my food or taking my order, don’t look at me like I’m crazy.  Because if I didn’t ask, and I got glutoned, I would be sick all over you.


2 thoughts on “I’m not crazy, just gluten free!

  1. Bridget says:

    Oh gee. I can’t even imagine. I mean…its one thing to change the way you eat for diet reasons, or what not…but to be forced to change the way you eat because if you dont, you will be sick…seriously…your my hero


  2. Ashley says:

    I have never been tested for Celiac’s disease but I did cut out gluten from my diet and noticed a lot of improvements. My issues range from extreme stomach pain, irregularity, all over body inflammation (rings don’ts fit), moodiness, lethargy, psoriasis outbreaks, dark circles around eyes, acne, anxiety, depression and frequent headaches. I also notice now when I have gluten that I feel horrible for days. I feel almost fearful to eat that stuff anymore since my last experience. My family does not quite understand and thinks I am crazy sometimes. Going out to restaurants is also embarrassing and now-a-days I find it easier to just cook at home. I am still suffering with some new pain in mt wrist and some of my other joints. I want to go strictly gluten free for 6-10 months and see if all my issues get resolved. Please share if you had any other symptoms associated with gluten. Thanks for this post 🙂


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