Preschool Open House Night

Today my daughter had her Preschool open house.  She will be attending 4K in the fall and the school is really close to our house 🙂  Up until about 2 days ago I thought we were going to miss her open house because of the timing and my work schedule.  But, I managed to get off, so she got in a nap before we had to go meet her teachers.  She was very cranky when she woke up, but then she flipped her little switch and became so sweet!

I told her to change her clothes because there was food on her pants.  She went in her room and came running out all excited!

Belle: I put on this shirt you like Mommy, but it doesn’t match your shirt

Me: Oh yeah?

Belle: Yeah, you always want me to wear this shirt, so I decided to wear it to make you happy, does it make you happy?

Me: Yes, it does!  Let’s go take a pretty picture

Belle: Ok!  Of me and you because I am pretty like you!


She was so sweet!


And was giving me lots of hugs!


But she wasn’t happy that I decided to walk to the school, lol!  We are a 5 minute walk, if that, from the school!  I figured parking would be nuts and it wouldn’t be worth it. But she got over it.  She only asked my why we did it 15 times.  That’s not unreasonable, right?

She really enjoyed her new classroom.  She didn’t want to leave. Not because she loved the teachers so much.  But because she loved the toys.  I took most of hers away, remember? Lol!

One of her teachers is Mrs. Beth so on the way home she was asking me what their names were again.

Belle: What are my teachers names?

Me: Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Patti

Belle: Beth like you?

Me: Yes, just like me

Belle: Is your name always going to be Beth?

Me: Yes

Belle: Just like you will always be gluten free?

Me: Yes

Belle: Oh


We spent an hour in her classroom.  She didn’t talk to any kids, except the one she already knew.  But she played with the toys and smiled at the teachers.  We did visit the library and gym, and found her name on her hook of course.

Her teachers seemed really nice and that’s good.  I was getting nervous because I know too much about how mean teachers can be with my experience in education.  I knew some really MEAN teachers and I kept wondering how I would handle it if she had a mean teacher.  Her 3 teachers all seemed really nice, and not in the “I’m acting nice just because you are here” kind of nice.

Have you ever had to deal with your kiddo having a mean teacher? What did you do?

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