Get ready to camp!

We love to camp!  My daughter has loved it since the first time we went!  This year we haven’t camped as much, but we are going camping this weekend and I’m excited! Our only other trip this year was a very WET camping trip with way too much rain!  But, the preparation takes me awhile, so I thought I would let you know how we get ready to camp 🙂

I over buy food for camping.  My daughter LOVES to snack.  All day long!  When she starts to meltdown and get cranky, we figure she needs to eat, and it usually helps her attitude within a few minutes. So I buy a lot of the fruit pouches, the healthiest granola bars I can find, and of course the necessities for s’mores! I also pack a lot of fruit.

When it comes to clothes, I usually over pack also, but this time I had my husband telling me to please not do that this time…He reminded me of when we used to backpack and could only carry in what we could carry on our back.   So I am sticking to just the essentials.  I might pack my daughter one extra outfit because she tends to get extra dirty.  We need bathing suits since there is a beach, and pants for night time in case it’s cold.  I also have to bring a few pairs of shoes.  We need ones to hike in and ones to just walk around in, some kind of sandal or flip flop.  Then I need my running shoes since I intend to run while we are there.

Toiletries are the hardest because I have to pack the small ones so they all fit in a bag.  We carry that bag back and forth to the bathroom, so I have to make sure it’s portable.  I usually use samples I’ve received so they are small, and bring a bag with a strap on it so I can sling it over my shoulder.  Since I wear contacts, I have to make sure I have all of that too.  And sunscreen!

Gear wise, my husband is in charge.  That way, when he forgets the air pump (yes, we really rough it, lol),  he is the one that has to blow up my air mattress with his mouth! We have a big tent, and a screen tent and tarp, and chairs….lots of stuff!

We also bring some toys for entertainment at the campground.  Usually one of her little houses and some people.  And drawing supplies of course!

Here are some pictures from our camping trip last year, I’m excited to go back to the same place with an even better camera!


She loved this "island" with the "pool" so close!

Concentrating on painting her turkey

Since it’s the end of the camping season, they had so many different crafts for us to do.  They had left overs of every craft through the year.  She loved that!

They really wanted me to feed them!

She loved visiting this farm and feeding the goats.  I made the mistake of getting down low and they thought I had food!


She sure loves those goats!


I ventured over to the lake alone at sunset for some pictures 🙂


While packing tonight my husband reminded me to pick up some coffee for myself so he doesn’t get annoyed with me when I am frustrated and coffee-free, lol!

We really love to camp!  Do you?

5 thoughts on “Get ready to camp!

  1. Bridget says:

    I haven’t been camping yet, but every time we go up to Door County and drive through the park I see all the camp sites and feel like I really want to camp. Some day…when Pip is a little older we can go, but I do think the boys would really like it! 🙂
    Hope you have a great trip! 🙂


  2. Betsy says:

    I love camping out on the couch or in bed. 🙂 I am not an outdoor camper. I am considering picking up a small tent to camp with my niece in the backyard in the next year or two, so she can get a little older. 🙂


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