New running shoes!

I got new shoes!  New running shoes!  And I LOVE them!  I stalked them for awhile…trying them on in every store I could find them in and watching them on Amazon.  A lot! I tend to obsess over big purchases like this. They are expensive and have to last awhile, so I need to really love them.

I took them camping with us so I could go for a run while there (that didn’t happen because we came home early), but I thought I should break them in a little with a short hike.  I loved how light they felt on my feet.  That was one thing that I was really hoping for.  Especially with 13.1 coming up quick, I don’t want to feel like my feet are weighing me down.


I was also looking for something a little more narrow.  I felt like my feet were moving around too much in my shoes.  A few times I wore double socks, and I don’t want to do that in the summer!

After camping, I laced them back up again to walk with my daughter to her friends house and figured if she booked it on her bike I would be ready.  She didn’t go to fast on the way to her friends house, but on the way back she was like a little speed demon, so I got to get in a little jog home…and it was HOT out!


She was afraid of the bumps on the sidewalk, so she wanted to walk her bike back, so I got on and told her I would ride it home…

I think I’m gonna need a bigger bike…

My old shoes had a little over 200 miles on them, but I was ready for new shoes because I was no longer having the foot and shin issues I was having when I was fitted for those shoes. Plus I got caught in the rain in them, and once they get wet, they are never the same…

So the new shoes aren’t pink, but I can put my pink laces in.  And purple is the next best thing to pink.

Do new running shoes make you happy too?



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