I ran 8 miles tonight!

I guess posting about failure helped me to run!  I ran 8 miles tonight!  Actually 8.3!  I was having a rough day with my daughter so when my husband suggested meeting at the gym at 5 to swim, I said ok.  I wasn’t gonna swim.  I was gonna drop off my daughter with him and run- literally! I tossed a Nuun tablet in my glass and started hydrating like crazy!

I set my Nike+ app for 8 miles.  And then while getting out of my car I was thinking “why do I run?  It makes me so miserable!”  But I dropped her off and headed out on my run.  I was running around the lake at my gym, which is 2.3 miles around, so I had a few laps to make.  I started out slow, thinking maybe I needed to slow down my pace.  I hit a mile and was feeling good, so I told myself I would make it to 2, then turn around and keep turning around every time I hit another 2.  But I just kept going.  And I turned around at 4 miles, when my phone told me I hit the half way point!  I was excited that I was feeling good!  No side stitches and no pain!  And my breathing was good and I was feeling hydrated!

Most of the day today, I was thinking about how I said I wouldn’t eat a Snickers until I ran 13.1 miles.  And I was REALLY wanting a Snickers, so maybe this helped my motivation, lol!

I saw a lot of people on the path, and a few of them I saw a few times.  I still smiled or waved every time. They did not.  That’s sad 😦

I was so excited that my run was going well!  Anytime I started to feel like I was slowing down, I told myself “you’re beautiful, you’re strong, you can do this! You grew a human being in you! You can do anything!” And it worked!

I didn’t bring any fuel with me, because I ate a pack of Jelly Belly Sport Beans on my way to the gym, and I was chewing my Glee gum.  I had one bottle with Nuun in it, and the other had water.  They were empty at the end, but I didn’t feel like I needed more for the run, so that’s good!


This was the beautiful scene at the end of my run!  So gorgeous!


Don’t I look so happy?  My legs are a little sore, I might be moving a little slow tomorrow, but I’ve renewed my faith in myself!


The foam roller is helping me out a lot tonight.  And some ice.

The difference between tonight’s run, and the one from the other day is amazing!  It’s really like night and day!  I am hoping race day will be like today.

Do you have really bad days and wonder why you do it?  Only to be followed by an amazing day?

4 thoughts on “I ran 8 miles tonight!

  1. Lynsey says:

    Wow, pregnant and 8 miles?!? Incredible job. This is my first time reading your blog, but it is inspiring! I love the mantra you kept in your head when it got tough. I need to work on doing this when it gets rough for me.


    • frugalrunningmama says:

      Welcome Lynsey! I am not currently pregnant, I was referring to my daughter I had 4 years ago 🙂 I read though, that your pregnant body expends as much energy as it takes to run a marathon each day, so I always use that when I am slacking and feeling like I can’t do it. I do hope I can run during my next pregnancy though!


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