Sense of Direction? What?

So…if you know me, you know that I have no sense of direction.  At. All.  Seriously, I don’t.  I was talking to my friend Kim today (she’s my BFF, if you must know), and she was laughing at me!  This isn’t the first time she’s laughed at me over this. I did ask her if she was recording our conversation to later transcribe into her blog, but she said no.  So I am wondering if there are any other directionally impaired people out there…

I had to call the police today.  Not the emergency number, but dispatch.  There was a suspicious car outside, with a suspicious guy that was staring at me and my daughter as we walked back from the mailbox.  And no, I haven’t watched an episode of Criminal Minds in awhile…

Anyways, I locked the doors and called the police.  The lady was asking me to describe the guy and the car and then:

Dispatcher: What direction was he last seen walking in?

Me: Um…towards 99th?

Dispatcher: Is that North, South, East or West

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t know what those are…

Dispatcher: Ok, we will send a cruiser out to you

So yeah.  I don’t know my directions.  I do know that Illinois is South of me 🙂 But it takes me awhile sometimes to figure out which way that is.  I don’t know why I have no sense of direction, but I really don’t have one.  At.  All. 

This is why I run with my phone.  While on vacation I had to use Google Maps to get back to our vacation house because I got lost.  And it was a straight shot from the house….

It’s bad, I know.   Did you read my post about using both the GPS and Google Maps and still getting lost?  Yeah… I am not a good person to ride with if I’ve never been to our destination before.  Especially if it involves a big city.  Then I am nervous and have no clue where I’m going.  That’s even worse!

My mom always says she is amazed at how I get around the cities I’ve lived in, but it’s really the GPS that gets me there.  Even if I don’t have a destination plugged in, I look at it to see what streets are coming up.  It’s less stressful to me than looking for street signs (can they just put them all in the same place on every street already??) I learn one way to get to every place, and if there is a detour or something happens and I am coming from another direction, I have to use my GPS, or call my friend shrieking about road closures and how am I going to find her house in time to drop my kid and make it to work??

I’ve called my friend Kim before and she passes the phone to her husband to direct me.  He starts talking North…South…I’m like yeah I lost ya at the beginning, can you give me landmarks?  I’m sure when he hung up he told his wife I’m crazy 🙂  I think I used the GPS for the first month of going to her house, but now I can find it on my own! Well sometimes I drive by the street…

Did I mention that turning the car around is a big pet peeve of mine?  I can’t stand to pull into a driveway and turn around.  I don’t know why, I just don’t like to do it.  Three point turn?  I’d rather go around a block.  Only in my city, blocks don’t always connect.  You can be on a street and all of a sudden BAM! It’s a dead end!  And that same street continues after a few blocks of not existing! And some streets have multiple names!  And they are mostly numbers, like Highway 58 is also 52nd Street….And don’t get me started on traffic circles….

My daughter seems to have a sense of direction, even if her fashion sense is a little questionable…


And yes, those are leg warmers 🙂

Do you have a sense of direction?


3 thoughts on “Sense of Direction? What?

  1. Bridget says:

    I can find my way around K-town pretty good…but i totally get lost if i go other places…the roads dont make sense…at least here the streets and avenues are all in numerical order….when i go to illinois and the streets all have names…im totally lost :p


  2. Sina says:

    I DO have sense of direction but I still get lost. I could point out N•S•E•W no matter where I am and can easily find locations by land mark but give me an address and watch my eyes go dead as my brain tries to connect those numbers to a point on a map in my imagination. I am thankful still for those numbers, when it comes to named streets, I. just. can’t. How do they get around in Illinois? GPS. I got lost the other day helping my sister move because of the streets that cut off and start up again after a few blocks, I’ve only lived here…most of my life.


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