Missing out on my husbands Ironman

By the end of the day today, my husband will add Ironman to his race resume.   And we are not there to cheer him on. It really is sad. We love to cheer him on!  And be there to help him at the end, when he is completely spent!  But it just didn’t work out this time. I am really sad to be missing out on my husbands Ironman.

He will be conquering 140.6 miles tomorrow.  But because of my job and her school and swim schedule, we decided it was best if he go alone.  I didn’t want her to miss her first day of school and since the race is Sunday, we wouldn’t make it back in time.


My daughter is really sad about it.  She loves to make signs that say Go Daddy Go and hold them up for him.  So right after he left, she said “I know, lets make Go Daddy Go signs, take a picture and send it to him!”  I thought that was so sweet!

So while I was in the shower, she drew this picture and wrote that all on her own!  She asked me how to spell go and I told her to sound it out!  How awesome is that!

We also did an audio recording of her saying it and I texted it to him.  She was busy with friends and cranky and not in the mood to talk to him on the phone, so she was happy to make a recording.  And he loved it!

He told me he could send me a link to track him live, but he never did.  So now I’m trying to figure it out and can’t find it!  I guess I will have to check the page out in the morning and try to find it.  I know the race starts at 7am, and the projected temperature is 70, which is not a good sign!  I am going to pray that the temperature stays there and doesn’t get too hot for the running portion at the end.  He has trained hard for this, but heat can really get to you!  At least I know he’s getting a good night rest in the hotel without my sleepless daughter.

4 thoughts on “Missing out on my husbands Ironman

    • frugalrunningmama says:

      Thanks Gail! 7.5 hours in and he is now running, which should take him about 4 hours. And there is a live feed of the finish line so we have been watching that!


  1. Kim says:

    I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you to be there and watch your husband’s race. So cool that he is soon going to be an Ironman!!!
    Glad that Gail sent the link so you can track his progress!


    • frugalrunningmama says:

      Yeah, it’s a bummer for sure…he tried to get into the Madison one, which is only 2 hours away, but it was full before he got in 😦 I am glad Gail posted too 🙂 🙂


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