Starting preschool


My daughter is starting preschool tomorrow and she is so excited!starting preschool

This was roaming around in my head all day, so I thought I would share! We shopped for her first day of school outfit today and she had to choose between 3 shirts.  I like what she picked out, and it matches!  Well, it is pink, so it kinda matches the red shoes, right?  And she didn’t pick out her socks, so there is still a chance her socks won’t match.

She has been asking me over and over:

AB: Do I go to school tomorrow?

Me: Yes

AB: Is tomorrow the day after today?

Me: Yes


My plan is to drop her off and head to the lake for a run.  My goal is 10 miles, but I’ll be trying something new for breakfast before the run, so we will see how it goes.  My last long run was on a Wednesday night, so I would be ok with doing a long run Wednesday night after my husband is home.  I just hope I get some good weather!

There is actually a book written about the night before school starts and they have a few different grades available.  Check it out:

How was your kiddos first day of school?

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3 thoughts on “Starting preschool

  1. simply your mom says:

    beautiful poem beth! I hope you printed this too so that she will have this some day to look back at. Love you Beth! Your a good Mom! ❤


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