I’m a VERY self conscious swimmer!

So today I wanted to change up my workout.  I ran yesterday and it was SUPER hot outside!  I made it 4 miles and knew that was my limit.  The humidity was so bad I felt like I was running through very hot air.  So I went indoors and headed to the pool.  And learned that I am a very self conscious swimmer!

I took swim lessons as a kid.  We all did, so that we could swim in the public pool without restrictions.  And in middle school there was a pool, and the dreaded swim class for one semester- remember trying to change while wrapped in a towel while the gym teacher yelled to hurry up?  Fun times.

So you would think I could swim.  And I can.  Kind of.  I mean, I don’t drown.  I can float, and I can flail my arms around in motions that move me forward, but it does not look smooth by any means!

But, I was determined to swim today.  So I put on my bathing suit- and here is a problem too…I only have 2 bathing suits and they are both 2 pieces.  Well, I have a few one piece suits, but they are from when I was at least 20 pounds heavier.  So they sag.  In a non flattering way.  (Is there a flattering way to sag?)  So I went with the 2 piece.  I saw a lot of other people in the pool.  They were all in 1 piece suits.  That looked like they were meant for swimming laps.  So I wondered if they thought I was trying to flaunt my body by wearing this 2 piece, or if they thought I was probably a crappy swimmer since I don’t have a professional suit…these are the thoughts I was thinking…every time someone looked at me!  Even if they were just glancing in my direction, or if I was passing them by…in my head they were saying “who does she think she is wearing a 2 piece to work out in??”  I kept telling myself “You work hard for this body, you are not showing it off, but be proud of it and just keep moving!” What do lifeguards think when they see people swimming?  Are they critiquing my form?  Are they good at these strokes and laugh at my imperfection?

Once I got over my self conscious thoughts about wearing a 2 piece (ok, I didn’t get over it really…) I was then wondering how I would look trying to swim laps.  I know the moves, and they look good in my head….but I’m sure they aren’t as good looking when I’m actually executing them.  And there weren’t any open lanes- well, there probably were in the olympic size pool….lol!  So I went in the current pool and ran against the current for 15 minutes.  There were a few people in there with me, an older couple and a few special needs individuals.  If you think you don’t sweat while swimming, think again!  It was dripping down my face! Yuck! Lol!  I was shocked at how much of a workout it was to run against the current.

After running, I spent the next 15 minutes doing squats and lunges against the current.  I was watching to see if a lane would open up.  I know you can share lanes, but I really didn’t want to do that.  I figured after 30 minutes someone would be done.  And I was right!  An older man finished his swimming and got out so I quickly went over and got in.  And the minute I pushed off from the wall I realized that I do really need a one piece suit.  I’m so glad the life guards were standing right there to see my behind 🙂  Lol!  Note to self: don’t push off so hard…

By the end of my first lap, I was struggling to breathe!  Swimming is hard work!  I did 2 laps of freestyle swimming- you know, the one where you do 3 strokes with your arms, then breathe to one side and then repeat that on the other side while you kick your legs?  Yeah, that one 🙂  And I was struggling to breath!  So I switched to a side stroke- you know, the one where you pick an apple from a tree and then put it in a basket, remember that?  And I did a few laps of butterfly, except my head never went under for that one.  I did 12 laps total, and it took me 10 minutes.  And I was done.

Remember how I said I was waiting for a lane to open up?  I didn’t want to swim with someone else.  And then on my 3rd lap, I look up to see someone in my lane!  Coming at me!  With perfect swimming form!  And a swim cap on!  So they are totally a professional!  And there’s me, zig zagging in my lane, enjoying the space since I can’t seem to swim a straight line.  Except it’s not my space anymore!  Someone came into it!  And so I spent my last 9 laps hitting the wall a lot to avoid them.  What is the ettiquite when swimming?  Was she never yielding to me because I was not a great swimmer?

All in all, I did get a good workout.  I am glad I went, and tried to squash all my self concscious thoughts.  And now I am headed over to shop for a one piece suit that looks sleek 🙂


What do you think?  Is this suit not acceptable for swimming laps?

Would this be more suitable?

I will add it to my wish list on Amazon so that I buy it next time I order something 🙂

Do you feel self conscious when you are doing something out of the ordinary at the gym?

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4 thoughts on “I’m a VERY self conscious swimmer!

  1. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy says:

    1. Thanks for sharing your struggles. I think too often many woman look at someone who can totally pull of a two piece for laps and think that they do it without any confidence issues at all.
    2. I think you look great but I might go with the one piece to avoid wardrobe malfuctions while really working out.
    3. no, there is no way for a saggy suit to look flattering


  2. Bridget says:

    You look great first of all, but yea….I’ve had a few wardrobe malfunctions at pools or water pakrs with any type of suit that isn’t like a sport swim suit…LOL, SCARY! 🙂


    • frugalrunningmama says:

      Yes, when I told my husband I went in a bikini he burst out laughing. For a long time. I think he may be ordering me a one piece right now…


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