That’s what FRIENDS are for

I have this group of friends, and they are great!  Really great!  Like the greatest I’ve had in a long time!  I had some “friends” where I used to live, but sadly, I only talk to 1 or 2 of them now….a lot of them unfriended me when I moved away.  So I’m glad to have these friends!  And lately we’ve been hanging out a lot, and today I was thinking how grateful I am for these friends because they are so awesome.  They always make me smile, and that’s what friends are for! I’m going to tell you about a few friends, the ones who agreed to do a triathlon together tonight…even if one is only going to be the photographer and medic, lol!

 me and kim in green

I met Kim first.  And I met her because of my previous blog.  I was a coupon blogger, and I was holding a coupon night and she came.  And she loved telling people that she was friends with THE Kenosha Coupon Queen, lol!  Once I had her phone number she was a goner…I call her a lot.  I normally text, but she has bad reception in her house, so I have to call her if I want the conversation to move at a normal conversational speed.  She’s been there for me in so many ways and always laughs at me (which always makes me feel good about myself, lol), and has brought me gatorade and bananas during my gall bladder attacks….I love her!  And she blogs at Just Kim, and runs now 🙂

me and kim


I met Betsy around this same time.  She was a blogger in the same field as me and we chatted online before she came to a coupon event.  We’ve been friends since and she is one of the kindest people I’ve met!  We chat just about everyday and try to help each other out with blog related stuff 🙂 She’s also a runner-in-training and I’ve run a race with her already! Her blog is Saving for a Purpose


Jen became my friend after she opened a children’s consignment shop.  I was so excited to see the store was opening and pretty much stalked the Facebook page, waiting for opening day.  And I was there, on opening day too!  And a lot of days after that- until she was my friend!  Now, my daughter and I go there A LOT!  And we’ve made sure all our friends are frequent shoppers and she gets included in all our fun outings! Remember the post about the boat? That was Jen!  She runs the blog for her store, and she is a runner! Check out her store blog at Duck Duck Goose 


Natalie was someone I knew from church, and we were friends on Facebook and we became better friends when she posted about looking for a running partner for the gym.  I quickly jumped on that and we have been friends ever since!  She is so nice, and hilarious!  And she has brought me bananas when I was sick before too!  She started the Moms RUN This Town chapter for our city…and she blogs!  We’ve run 3 races together and I’m sure we will run more!  Check out her Moms RUN This Town page.

—(Insert picture with Mandy here)— Mandy!  Time to take a picture with me!

Mandy came along with Kim and I’m so glad!  She is also hilarious, has helped me out so many times!  Her daughter and mine are quite the planners and can come up with some crazy plans!  She has brought me coffee on rough days before and picked up my kid quite a few times when my husband was working overtime. She is a blogger…but not a runner yet…. 🙂  She blogs at Controlled Chaos and her first ever blog post was about how she is not a runner, lol!


Bridget is newer to our circle of friends, but she fits right in!  I met her when she was at my friends consignment shop bringing her knitting to leave for sale.  She was new in town.  I quickly friended her on Facebook and started my recruitment there…lol!  I kept inviting her to things until she finally gave in! Now she can’t say no!  And she started a blog, and she runs!  She is also hilarious and always makes me laugh!  Check out her blog The Busy Mama Bee

This is not a full list of my great friends, but it’s the group I was talking to online tonight.  We do group chats sometimes, and they are hilarious! We decided there should be a reality show about us, and our quest to complete a triathlon.  That would be a good show! Especially if they made our online conversations a life feed on the show, lol!

We have had a lot of laughs lately and I am always thinking “this is what friends are for!” because it is!  They make you laugh.  They cheer you up when you need to cry.  They run with you! (cough, couch, Mandy, cough, cough) They help you out when you need it, and when you don’t think you need it!  They take your side, or tell you when you are being irrational. They are just “there” for you, in every way possible!

Jen and Betsy don’t know about the triathlon yet, lol! But I’m sure they will be on board!

I have a few good friends that moved away, and I still talk to them a lot and sometimes we get to visit them on road trips 🙂

Do you have great friends like this?

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