Celebrate EVERY mile!

I went for a long run this morning.  Ten miles to be exact.  And the last three were rough.  Very rough.  I tried something new for breakfast…not a good idea.  Gonna stick to my Larabar and banana for race day.  But I did it, and I did my normal fist pump at EVERY mile, even if that mile sucked.  I added a little “Woo” too, so I’m sure people thought I was crazy! Lol!  I kept reminding myself to celebrate EVERY mile, no matter how hard it was, or how much I wish it was a different mile marker…


My run would probably have been better if there wasn’t a cranky old lady at the beginning, I was really bothered by her remark for awhile.  I kept trying to get it out of my head…she was walking with her friend on the right side of the path, I was running on the right side.  There were no walkers/runners/bikers on the left, so I moved over to pass and she yelled “HEY!” so I took out my ear bud and said “yeah?” and she yelled “Give a little heads up when you are coming up from behind.” And she said it in the nastiest, snottiest, grumpiest way!  I just mumbled “sure” and kept going.  Then I was thinking, do I need to give a heads up when I am passing someone?  When there is no one else around?  Bikers do it, they say “on the left” as they are coming up so you don’t move over and run into them.  But a bike is a little more dangerous to run into than a person running as slow as a turtle.  And I think her attitude is what bothered me, she was so nasty about it.  It was like she thought she owned the path!

I normally run with one ear bud in when I am on a path outside.  I do this so I am aware of other people around me so I can yield if I need to, or stay put if they are passing.  Not once, did another runner that was passing me give a heads up, just the bikers…so what is your experience with this?

How do you handle longer runs?  Mentally, I mean.  When I set out, I had 10 miles as my goal, but I knew I would shorten it if it seemed like that was pushing it because the race is 9 days away and I don’t want to injure myself.  I forgot to set my Nike+ app with my goal, so it automatically took my last run and added .25 to it and had that as a goal.  So it told me I was halfway there WAY before I was halfway there!

Next time you go running, give yourself a fist pump every time you reach another mile 🙂  Celebrate it because you are moving and you are working hard!  Even if you walk part of all of a mile, celebrate it anyways.  Smile, think positive thoughts and run on!

5 thoughts on “Celebrate EVERY mile!

  1. Noelle says:

    Interesting, I also don’t typically warn other runners/walkers that I am passing (unless they are taking up the whole path or are swerving around). In my experience, typically only bikers give a heads up! I think this lady was just having a bad day.


  2. Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine says:

    I love the idea of a fist pump after each mile. We should all be our own cheerleaders. 🙂 I run without music because I run early morning when it’s still dark. I do a lot of thinking and head clearing. I don’t even miss the music. Now I just need to add the fist pump!


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