Race week prep begins!

It’s time for my race week prep!

It’s getting to be crunch time for the race…it’s coming up at the end of this week so I have a few things I will do this week to prepare.

1. Don’t eat anything out of the ordinary. Especially because of the gluten issue, I will not be trying anything new this week. I broke that rule the other night…well, I have had bacon before, but not in a long time. I had some turkey bacon while in buffalo with my family and I was fine. I had a cauliflower casserole that had bacon in it. I was fine. But last not I had bacon with dinner. And it caused major heartburn. I have taken so many shots of aloe to help this, and will not be eating bacon again in the near future. And for the rest of this week there will be no new foods.

2. Race packet pick up. This is an exciting thing for me because I love to go to a race expo. They are full of so many great products and companies I haven’t heard of before. I usually walk away with a few freebies and some fun coupons. And a few more items added to my wish list.

3. Pick out race outfit. I have been trying out a few different shirts to see which will be the best for this length of running. Cotton is out. I can’t do cotton for long runs. I have a favorite shirt, but its only my favorite because of the look of it. I cannot wear my hydration belt with that shirt, it does not stay put. I picked up a new tech tank at Kohl’s on clearance that I wore for my ten mile run the other day and it seemed to work well, so I will probably wear that. And I love my black shorts so I will wear those. No fun costumes for this race..I would wear a skirt, but I don’t have one…yet.

4. Figure out when I will head down to the race.  Since it’s in Chicago, it will take awhile to get there.  I am riding with 2 friends and I’ve already paid for parking online, so we just have to find the actual lot.

5. Get my playlist ready.  I have some songs I know I need to take off because when they come on I get annoyed! I never know if I will like a song for running until I am actually running.  I wish I could hit “delete” when those songs came on instead of trying to remember what it was later.  I know I  need 4 hours of music at least.  That way if I need to skip a song, I will still have more songs to go through and not hear repeats.

6. Decide what gear to bring.  I have thought about not bringing my hydration belt.  But I am used to it, and water stations cause me anxiety.  One, because they are generally slippery because the ground is soaked.  And two, because they ALWAYS have lemon lime Gatorade.  I can’t drink Gatorade.  Especially lemon lime flavored! So I will bring my hydration belt.  And my Runningluv and of course a headband!

7. Get some sleep!  I stay up way too late all the time!  I get into a groove of watching tv or listening to music while talking to friends online, way after everyone else is sleeping…this is my quiet time, lol!  But this week I will try to go to bed before 10pm every night!

8. Pamper  my feet.  Not in the sense you think.  No pedicures this week!  I don’t want to soften my feet up just to beat them up!  I mean wear supportive shoes all week.  And by shoes, I mean not flip flops 😦  My feet do not like to be confined.  They get claustrophobic.  Yes, I just said that.  They don’t like to be in shoes.  So this will be tough for me.  Especially since it’s leggings weather and I don’t like to wear athletic shoes with leggings…

9. Pump myself up!  Positive self talk this week!  No negatives and thinking I can’t do this. I will also be trying to pump up my friend Bridget because I know she is gonna rock the 10K! It’s her first official race and I’m so excited for her!  I don’t know how the course is set up, but if we can start together, I will run with her as long as I can!

10. Get in a few easy runs this week.  I don’t want to overdo it and risk injury before the race.  So I will run 3 days this week, and take it easy so I am ready! I feel like any run should be easy after conquering a 10 mile run last week!


What do you do to get ready for a race?


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