My daughter is running in a race tomorrow!

My daughter is super excited to be running in a race tomorrow!  My husband signed her up for the kids 1/4 mile fun run.   He will be doing the 5K version, but she is doing the kid race.  She has been talking about it since we told her about it.  Every piece of clothing we pull out “Oh, I want to wear that to my race” lol!  And she even told her teacher that she was running in a race!

I had actually just bought her a pair of running shorts that are pink, of course, and then she found a pink tank top in her closet and told me she had to wear that.  When my husband was helping her get her Steelers shirt on for a football party, she told him she told him: “I have to wear this pink tank top underneath.  And after the party you have to wash it so I can wear it for my race so I can be sweating pink!”  Hahahahaha!  She is such a mini me! I love it!

So today we decided to do a little training.  I wanted to see if she could run 1/4 mile without stopping.  So we set out on the sidewalk with my phone playing music and with the Nike+ app tracking us.  I set the goal at 1/4 mile so it would tell us when we were half way. 








She had so much fun! We ran the whole time and finished in 3:29.  She is totally ready for the race!  Well, once I put pink shoelaces in her sneakers, she will be!  I just hope she actually runs with the other kids!

Have your kids run races?  With you or without you?

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