So proud of my daughter!

I am so proud of my daughter!  She ran her race and did so good!  I was so afraid she would freeze, and not run, once she saw all the other kids.  But, while at the pumpkin farm with her friend today, that friend decided she was running the race too.  So I think it helped to have a friend running with her.  They were hilarious!  They kept saying “is it time for the big race yet?”

We managed to get them through dinner and dressed for the race. We convinced them that eating dinner would give them the energy they needed for the race.

They wanted to do some warming up and stretching outside before we went to the race:


This just makes me laugh!  She was showing me how strong she is!



Don’t they look fierce? My daughter said to her friend “I’m going to be sweating pink, and you are going to be sweating green and grey.”


I’m not quite sure where she learned her stretch moves from, lol!


All set!DSC_0380

Lol!  These girls crack me up!



Another stretch, but this one is super serious!


I think she started to get a little nervous at the starting line.  But her friend B, looked at the boy next to her and said “We are going to beat you!” Lol!  Smack talk from a 4 year old!


And they are off!


They had so much fun!  They ran together the whole way and didn’t stop at all!


So proud of their ribbons!  We got to stick around after and watch my husband finish the 5K adult race in 19:11!  He was super speedy!

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