Celebrating with some new bling!

I achieved my goal.  No what?  I’ll be celebrating with some new bling!

And I will set a new goal, of course. Based off the results of this race, I want my next race to be at least 2:20, and I will do a few more half marathons before I consider a full marathon.  I want to be totally comfortable at this length before I move on to the next one.

But, I want to relish this achievement for awhile, so that means I want anything that says 13.1 on it!  I already added the magnet to my car.  Now I want the Tervis water bottle and I want to add charms to my Origami Owl necklace.  Specifically, I want to add these ones:


I can’t decide if I want to add them to my locket, or get another one and the attachment chain to have 2 on one necklace.  Doesn’t this look cute though?  There isn’t a period so Natalie gave me a jewel that was pink and I think it’s perfect!

I know you want one too right?  You can do all different themed ones! My friend Kim has a 5K in hers 🙂  Go check out all the charms available on Natalie’s page, and if you buy something, choose “Beth’s Online Jewelry Bar” when you check out (I’m having an online party, so I will earn credit if you purchase, but I would not endorse this if I didn’t LOVE the product!)

What do you do to celebrate reaching goals? Bling?


2 thoughts on “Celebrating with some new bling!

    • frugalrunningmama says:

      I did eat 3 Snickers that day, and have 2 Starbucks drinks, lol! If I could celebrate with any food it would be pizza probably, but I’ve yet to try out a gluten free pizza in town yet…


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