A clothing wonderland…

I don’t know if you are like me, but for the last 4 years, I have dressed as a “mom”.  You know, the clothes that you don’t mind if they get food on them because at any moment your kid could spit up, wipe, cough, sneeze, etc on you? Yeah, that.  And now that I am back in the world of work, I am looking for some nicer clothes.  The scarf I received recently really inspired me to get a more sophisticated look.  And I have a job interview coming up next week.  For a full time job.  In my field!  Woo hoo!  But…all my professional clothes from the last time I interviewed are a few sizes too big.  It’s a good problem, I know 🙂  But, this led me to walking through a clothing wonderland yesterday…

I have a few pieces of clothing from Maurices, and I LOVE them.  I bought them second hand and was amazed at how well they fit.  So I decided to check out the actual store since it’s only a few minutes from my house.  And WOW!  I mean, WOW!  I LOVE all the clothes in there!  I was just walking through looking at everything, knowing I should only try on the interview-worthy clothes.  Those were in the back of the store, so I did a lot of oogling and touching on my way back.  My daughter was with me and she would say “look at that cute dress!  Look at this nice shirt!”  So I think even she was amazed!

I found the suit pants and they come in regular, short and tall!  I grabbed what I thought would be my size, along with a few shirts and a suit jacket and headed over to the dressing room.  There was a nice couch right outside the room and my daughter decided to sit there and wait for me.  She brought paper and a pen and was drawing all the pretty dresses she saw in the store that she thought I should buy.


In the dressing room, I quickly put the pants on and OH. MY. GOSH!  They fit so nice! The shirt was cute and the jacket fit perfect too!  I have been a size medium in most things for a long time.  But I knew that wouldn’t work so well anymore, so I actually grabbed smalls in the shirts and they fit!  I was trying to take a picture of the outfit in the mirror so I could send it to my husband to ask if he thought it was good for my interview, but my phone would not take a picture.  So I opened the door to show my daughter and she said “WOW! You look awesome!”

The pants were the perfect length.  And they came up to the perfect place on my waist, with no sagging anywhere!  The clothes I found in a box in my basement were really saggy and pretty much just fell off.  And there were no belt loops.  So I definitely need new ones! And I want these!  I didn’t buy anything, but I plan on going back with my husband this weekend.  I thought I should check and see if there are any coupons available online anywhere.  I know I can get 20% off one item by joining the text club so I will do that for sure.

I was on my way out when I saw the boots!  Oh my gosh the boots!  They are beautiful!  And the bottoms have good tread, so they won’t slip on all the ice we will get!  Oh my gosh I want the boots! In black and brown!

I was describing the clothes to my friend Bridget after I left and she thought I was funny.  I guess I haven’t really “looked” at new clothes in awhile, except for running clothes that is, lol!  I have been buying everything second hand and just grabbing what fit.  So now I want what fits, and also what I think is cute!  So…I need to get this full time job on Monday, so I can afford all these new clothes! Lol!

What is your favorite store to shop at?

2 thoughts on “A clothing wonderland…

  1. Bridget says:

    I’ve been, and will be in second hand clothes land for awhile….LOL, i buy from goodwill, the clearance rack at target, and my sister gives me clothes too…

    i guess if i had extra money spend on brand new clothes that I didn’t need to worry about the price tag, i would probably have NO idea where to go cause I’m so used to shopping how I do now! LOL…you’ll have to take me shopping then! 😉 LOL


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