Making healthy memories

Today was a good day for making healthy memories with my daughter 🙂  My friend Kim planned a 5K run this morning and my daughter loves to come along.  Last time, I pushed her in the stroller because she was “injured”.  Before that, she was on her bike.  The training wheels are not on her bike right now, and a piece went missing….so, she had to run with us.

I didn’t have high hopes for this run, as she was pretty whiny on our way out the door.  My husband was home, but he was working from home so I knew she had to go with me.  So I got her all excited about her outfit and how it would help her to run.  She did want to wear her snow boots, but I informed her that they were not appropriate.  So she put on her running sneakers.

We got to the meeting place and she was cold, but I told her she couldn’t run with her sweatshirt on because she would be hot and I didn’t want to have to carry her sweatshirt.  I had my fuel belt on with a water bottle for each of us, and Jelly Beans for her in the pocket.  Since she was mad about the sweatshirt, she wouldn’t run at first.  So Kim and Bridget both took off ahead of us and there was some minor smack talk, lol!  My daughter eventually reached for my hand and we started running together.

And then she decided she needed to catch up to Kim, and then stay in front of her.  So, she started really moving it!  She was very happy to pass by Bridget, and then eventually catch up to Kim.  She actually grabbed Kim’s shirt to try to slow her down! 


When I told her I was taking her picture, she struck this pose while running.


She likes to keep looking behind her to see if anyone is going to catch up to her, so I spent a lot of time reminding her to face forward.  I didn’t want to have her wipe out and bust her knees up 😦



Bridget snapped this picture of us running in front of them.


She was very chatty the whole run.  She would take a 2 second walk break to have some water, and then keep on running.  She told me all kinds of things while she was running.  She was following the yellow line here and wanted to keep running on this line.

When we got to the other side of the lake, she reminded me about how she almost tripped on the other side but that I was holding her hand and kept her upright.  I did let her know that breathing would be easier if she took a break from talking, lol!  And we worked on running form.  I showed her how her arms should be positioned and she tried it out for awhile.  Then she showed me how holding your side with one hand and punching the air with the other helped you run faster.  And we also did some high knees and skipping.  She was having a good time coaching me along the way.

She did manage to run 2.3 miles, with just a few short walk breaks in between.  They were really only a few seconds each- enough to take a sip of water and that was it! She ate a few Jelly Beans along the way, but they were chewed while she ran.  I wanted to complete the 3.1 with my friends, but I couldn’t leave her unattended at the park.  The path curved right after the park so she would have been out of view if I continued on, even if I ran backwards.

There were quite a few people out there that encouraged her to keep running and that was so nice.  One lady even called her a rock star!


We were a little silly afterwards 🙂  We tried to talk her into leading us all to stretch after the run, but she didn’t want to do that today.



We had a birthday party at the pool later in the day and she was still basking in her rock star status 🙂


What do you do to create healthy memories with your family?


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