Moving furniture as a life lesson

My plan for a reorganization of my daughters room turned into a life lesson for her today 🙂 While we were walking home from school today, we had this conversation:

Me: We are going to move your room around today

AB: How are we going to do that? Daddy isn’t home!

Me: I’m going to move it

AB: But Daddy’s stronger!

Me: I’m strong and I can do it too!

AB: What are you going to move?

Me: I’m going to move your bed away from the window and put it next to your dresser


Me: It will be cold by the window in the winter.  And I’ll move it all nice and slow, one step at a time

AB: Ok, here’s the plan.  We will move my bed on the wall next to my dresser.  Then we will have lunch.

Me: Ok

So we got home, and she brought her snack upstairs to watch me move her furniture.  She got up on her bed, covered her eyes and said “I can’t watch this!” as I started to move her dresser.

She opened her eyes to see me moving it and she said “HOW are you doing that?”  And I said, one step at a time, as I “walked” the dresser slowly across the room.  At one point she said “That’s a big step!” Lol!

I want her to grow up feeling empowered, and like she can do things she puts her mind to, if she tries hard enough.  But I also want her to know it’s ok to ask for help, so I did ask her a few times to help me out with some pushing.  And when the dresser was moved to the other side of the room…

Me: See?  We can do it too!

AB: Yeah!

Her room was in bad need of some organization, and it’s not completely done yet, but she did learn that anything is possible, when you take it one step at a time 🙂


She has a lot of books (Hi, my name is Beth and I LOVE children’s books!), but they don’t stay on this shelf very well because she pulls them off and they all fall over.  Even stacked in nice piles doesn’t work.  So it is now a “doll house” for her animals.  And she loves it!  She used to pull her bench over to her dresser to play with these on top of her dresser, and that made me nervous because it could tip if she pulled it hard enough!  So, problem solved!


This is her reading corner.  I put a small amount of books in the pretty purple bucket and we can switch them out.  The blanket she is on was made by my mom so she was excited to use it as her reading center.


I put this frame up above her reading center and have plans for hanging more.  She loves to look at pictures of all of her adventures, so it will be nice for her to have these on the wall in her room.


This is her toy bench, but there are no longer toys in the bench.  They never get played with, but she uses the bench for her babies, and these are the current ones she is playing with. This bench is also the only thing that keeps the bed rail on her bed.  She is a floppy sleeper and moves all over the place!  She used to fall right through the rail until we put this next to it.  It’s stable enough that it prevents her from falling.

She was really enjoying her new set up, and she was really impressed with my skills!  I love when something as seemingly boring as moving furniture can turn into a life lesson about determination 🙂

What life lesson have you learned accidentally?

4 thoughts on “Moving furniture as a life lesson

  1. simply your mom says:

    What a cute room Beth! I want you to come help me rearrange mine! Life lessons through simple everyday life is what it is all about! Good job!


  2. Bridget says:

    great post B. I need to keep this in mind when I’m around the boys…I want them to grow up respecting women, and not feeling like women are weak or anything (beings that sometimes I need help), so i need to empower myself 😉


  3. Kim says:

    Love the life lesson – I only have boys but we make sure that they realize there is no such thing as “girl jobs” or “boy jobs” – we all pitch in. I can move furniture and do the yard as easily as my husband and boys can work in the kitchen.
    Love the reading nook – what a fun idea!!


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