Starting my Ride Out Cancer Virtual Ride

I took a spin class at the gym yesterday!  But, only because I signed up for the Ride Out Cancer Virtual event with Run With Jess (that’s where I got this awesome Bondi Band!)  And not because my gym has great classes.  I had never been a fan of Spin class.  My sister LOVES it.  It usually hurts my behind 🙂 But they got new bikes at the gym and there was no pain today!  So I might be a reformed spinner, if only I can find a good class.  The instructor was not very motivating.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t look up at anyone during the whole class.  And his voice….it was just monotone the whole time!  No encouraging words, no smack talk, no whoops of joy!  But I’ll be going back.  I might bring my ear buds and listen to some of my own music though.


My ride was only 35 minutes, but I burned 397 calories!  I was trying to post a picture of my heart rate monitor reading but it won’t upload for some reason 😦 I don’t know how to work the controls on the bike, and I was a little late for class (it starts at 8:15 and school drop off is 8:10), but I know my fastest speed was 21mph, and that was only for a few seconds when I would sit back down after a period of standing.  Mostly it was between 16-18mph.

I will be going back, probably Tuesday and Thursday next week, to get in more miles.  The virtual event calls for 31 miles through the month of October, and there are fun prizes for finishing if you submit that you finished on her website.  She also invites you to post pictures on her Facebook page for her to make collages from!

You can order goodies and a portion of the proceeds is donated!  I ordered the tank top (I ended up getting a large because they were sold out of medium and I”m glad I got that size, it fits nice and not too loose).  There are t-shirts and head bands.  The medal’s sold out so I didn’t get one of those 😦

This is my second virtual event with Run With Jess, and I actually was able to meet her at an event in Madison 🙂  She’s super sweet and I love her blog!

Do you have any virtual or real challenges going on this month?


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