What I love about Runningluv!

I posted about Runningluv before, when they sent me one to review, but I wanted to tell you a little more about it now that I’ve used it a few more times.  I absolutely LOVE it and here’s why:

1. I can’t even tell it’s on my hand while running.  I was worried I would feel it and it would make my hand feel hot, but it doesn’t do that at all!

2. I can wipe sweat off my face while I’m running without flashing anyone!  I used to pull my shirt up, but now I don’t have to do that.  When it’s dripping, it needs to be wiped!

3. If it’s super hot out, I can add a little water to it and it helps keep me cool.  I pour a little on from my fuel belt and rub it on my neck and face and it cools me off a little bit.

4. The pink part is super soft!

5. You can wear it wrapped around your hand or your wrist, which ever works best for your purpose

6. It comes in so many different colors!


7. It’s easy to wash!  Just hand wash it in cold with some detergent and hang it to dry!

8. I don’t have to worry about dropping it because it’s attached!

9. The owner of the company is super nice!  She sent me an email with a virtual high five the day of  my race!  How thoughtful is that!

10. I can take fun pictures like this!


What do you use for sweat when you are working out?

This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my Disclosure page for more information.


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