Stop and pet a grasshopper

My daughter loves bugs.  And lately it’s grasshoppers.  She loves to catch and pet a grasshopper.  And there are a TON around here!  I’ve never seen so many grasshoppers.  And I’ve never seen so many flies- aggressive ones too!  (My friend Kim has a video of a time when the flies just came into my house and Mandy and I went on a rampage, killing them all).  And bees!  I’ve never seen so many bees!  Ones that are not too shy to land on my daughters hair!  And since I am not a fan of bugs, I notice these things!  So where are all these bugs coming from this year?

They make my daughter happy though.  Well, not the flies and the bees.  But the roly poly’s, ladybugs, grasshoppers and crickets- those make her day!  Especially if she can hold and pet one!

We went for a hike today, and we named this path “Grasshopper Lane” because they were EVERYWHERE!  And, some of them were “wrestling” (that’s what we told her they were doing…)

She, of course, decided to try to catch one.  My husband didn’t think she could do it.  I knew better.  She’s caught plenty of them on walks home from school!

So she gets this grasshopper.  And she opens her hand to let it breath, and it just stays on her hand!  She was talking to it and petting it and LOVING every minute of it!  She even named her- Chloe.



I feel like she was saying “So this week, I met your a praying mantis and I named her Rainbow.  But your name is Chloe and we are going to have an adventure!”


And here she is telling Chloe to always have peace, love and friends!


My happy little bug lover!347

Chloe jumped away shortly after this.  But she did catch and release about 10 more. She was very worried about stepping on them, so we had to watch where we were walking.

We had quite a nice little walk. The park was pretty boring overall, but she had a great time because of Chloe.  The day was also made more exciting by the fact that my husband’s wedding ring flung off his finger when he was throwing leaves at my daughter.


Luckily, there was a man there with a medal detector that helped find the ring.  This isn’t the first time he’s lost a ring.  In cold weather, his ring is always too big!

Another exciting thing was the snake that slithered by us when we were walking!


And she had to use the bathroom.  Only it was locked.  So she had to pee outside.  She was not too happy about that!

My husband thinks this is our last nice day for awhile, so it was nice to spend the day outdoors as a family.


Did you get outdoors this weekend?

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