I have to run a marathon

I went out for a run the other day, to get miles towards a virtual event I am doing this month. I have to run a marathon throughout the month to earn my medal, so that’s 26.2 miles.   I’ve been in a bit of a slump, and then I remembered I signed up for this….lol!

So even though I had coffee, I decided I should go out and run.  But I had to run somewhere besides my neighborhood, so I headed to the gym to run around the lake that’s there.  When I run in my neighborhood, I run slower and clumsier.  There are trees that are low and I have to duck under them, there are lots of cracks and bumps and I live in a confusing subdivision so there is the chance I could get lost and have to use my Google Maps to get back home….and that would make for a funny blog post, but I didn’t want to get lost today.

When I plan to run after my daughter is at school, I get dressed to run, and walk her to school like that.  Good thing she doesn’t get embarrassed by my outfits 🙂


When I set out to run, I knew I’d get in at least 2 miles since the lake is 2.3 miles around.  But I had no other goal than to keep moving.  The temperature was perfect though!  And I had good form, and I fueled with some good protein.  So when my app told me that I finished my first mile in close to 9 minutes, I was like “woo hoo!”  and I kept on going that fast.  If I try to go too fast, I lose my form, so I focused on my footfalls and arms and managed to average 9:07 for 2 miles!  And it felt great!


Isn’t it so pretty?  Well, besides all that smoke…




There were a lot of people on the path today and there is one guy with his dog that I always see there, and he is always looking at me funny when I’m taking pictures of myself, lol!  Maybe next time I’ll ask him to take it for me 🙂

Are you having good running weather like we are?

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