Triathlete in Training

Last night was one of my rare nights off of work so we took my daughter swimming together.  My husband takes her several times a week when I am at work, and I was lucky enough to be able to go last night.  He has a routine that they do when they get there so I enjoyed watching this.  They take a lane and practice all the things she is learning in swim class.  I was standing there watching and thinking, “look at my little triathlete in training”!  She is learning to ride a bike without training wheels (this of course will be on hold until winter is over), she loves to run races with me, and now she is learning actual swimming strokes!

She has always been an amazing swimmer.  I took her 3 days a week from the time she was 9 months old until probably last year when she started Pre-K and we couldn’t make it for mom and tot swim time.  She LOVES to be in the water!  If she is in a bad mood, or super cranky, and we can’t swim, I throw her in the tub.  She is happiest when in water.

So we had her in Level 1 classes at the age of 2, and we had to have them test her out of mommy and me class in order to do this.  She was doing good in class, but it was just too many kids, not enough instructors, and after 3 semesters and seeing her do what they asked perfectly without being moved up, we decided not to continue at that place.  We took a little break from lessons, did a season or two of ballet at the local gym, and then my husband signed her up for pre-competitive swimming at our gym.  I took her to her first class and it was a disaster!  (Read about that experience here) The second week he took her and a man asked if we had twins, because the kid he brought was not the kid that was there the week before….

So she has been taking this class, and my husband has been watching what they are teaching her, and he reviews that stuff when they swim together.  She loves to do a good job for him, so she always does whatever he asks her to do in the water.

I was just so amazed with her!  Watching her turn her head to the side to breathe between strokes and it was just so cute!  Such a little creature, swimming so well!  I didn’t have my camera with me, so I’ll have to bring it another time, but I do have a lot of pictures of her swimming 🙂

      Hand stand!

Still smiling! 043 She won! 804

Can you tell how much she loves the water?  She’s my cute little triathlete in training!


One thought on “Triathlete in Training

  1. Bridget says:

    i was so amazed watching her at the pool when we went with you, she is just a little water bug!!!….I just can’t wait until the boys love the water and are confident enough to swim too like that 😉


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