Missing Milestones

For three years I was with my daughter pretty much around the clock. Enough that I wouldn’t miss any milestones. Now that I am working at night, I find that I am missing milestones. And it makes me sad.

Even though she is 4 now, there are still milestones. Sure, I was there for her first (well, 12) steps, and her first words and visit to the ocean. I’m sure I was here the first time she slept through the night, lol, but I’m pretty sure that was at 3.5 years old…

Now though, her milestones are things like her first soccer practice. I totally missed that. And I was sad. And she was mad. I actually had off that night, then I got called in. Only I forgot to tell her. So when she found out she was really mad at me! “You LIED!” She screamed at me. I felt really bad. I explained to her that sometimes things happen that make us change our schedules.


Tonight, she had her first soccer game. And she scored 2 goals! My timid, shy little girl! We thought she would be the one chasing butterflies or dust bunnies, but she scored! My husband texted me when it happened. I had my phone sitting on the table at work and his message popped up on my screen. Then another one! I am so proud of her! And I hate that I am not there! But I am so grateful that her Daddy is! She loves to make him proud, especially in sporting events because she knows he loves sports!


There will be many more milestones I will miss, but many I will see. And the ones I miss, he will be there for. She’s quite a lucky little girl. And I am a lucky mama!

Do you miss milestones due to work?

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