I’m dreaming of a NEW gym bag!

Do you ever sit and “shop” online?  And by “shop”, I mean, look around on websites for things you would LOVE to have, but not actually buy them right now? I always keep a wish list on Amazon to remember what I liked, and find it later if I have saved up enough money.  And a NEW gym bag is definitely on that list!

The bag that I use?  It’s a piece of luggage.  That I picked up second hand.  It’s cute, but it’s starting to fray and tear.  (And it’s not pink!) I know, I know, who cares what it looks like?  Right?  Well…if I’m dreaming of a new one, I can dream of how cute it can be!  And I have to turn it on it’s side to fit into a locker, so I’d love one that doesn’t need to be tipped over, because that causes things to move all over the place!

So I went searching on Amazon for a gym bag, and what I would love to fill it with!

This bag is pretty pricy, but look at the pink it comes in!  And purple!  And those nice little compartments would be perfect for my lock (which I’m always losing), headphones (which always get tangled up and the plastic things come off), arm band, Runningluv and anything else I have to bring that day. Plus, your shoes fit into that bottom one!

I HATE when my shoes come untied!  But I also very strongly dislike double knots.  And I’ve read a lot of good reviews on these Lock Laces, so I would love to put some in my shoes and not worry about untied shoes anymore!

I don’t know about you, but I always want a snack when I’m done working out, and Snickers are tasty, but something healthier would be a better option 🙂  I LOVE this mix, and it would fit in one of the handy dandy pockets on my dream gym bag!


I already have this heart rate monitor, and I really LOVE it!  I wear the watch almost all the time, it does not move up and down my arm at all!  My sister introduced me to this one, and then hers got stolen, so I’m adding this here because I’d love to send her a new gym bag with a heart rate monitor in it!  She is the most fit person I know 🙂  She goes to the gym almost every day!  She spins, she runs, she Zumba’s and everything in between!

What is on your wish list?  Is it something you will save up for yourself?

This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my Disclosure page for more information.


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