Everyday Adventures in Buffalo

Yesterday I told you how we got to my hometown, now I’ll tell you about all the everyday adventures in Buffalo!  We keep really busy while I’m there, and these are some of the spontaneous, everyday things we did.

imageMy mom picked up a bike at a resale shop for my daughter, and she has a bike I can use, so my plan was to go on all these great bike rides while we were there.  We even had a helmet for my daughter to use and I used my moms.  So we set out one day with the bikes and made it about two feet past the driveway before I got this:


So that idea went out the window 😦  I’m not sure what the problem was except that sometimes she is so afraid of bikes, and sometimes she rides them like a maniac.  I think she’s very used to having someone run next to her, and me on a bike just wasn’t what she wanted to happen.  It was a shame, because when my mom was working, it would have been perfect for us to go riding around and down by the river!

We spent a lot of time at parks with the cousins and she had so much fun!



My sister and I took this picture to look like one from YEARS ago that my aunt had of us!



Too bad my aunt wasn’t there this time to be in the picture with us. It’s the same park and same train though! But we are sitting on opposite sides. I’m in the tank top, my older sister is in the white t-shirt.


My daughter is so lucky to have such fun cousins!


We went down to the river after being at the park, and managed to grab a good picture of all of us before it got too dark.


We went to a few splash parks, and they all had a LOT of fun!


We went on an adventure down to the waterfront at Buffalo for a fun kids event and she got to play with some instruments 🙂



She loves getting one on one time with each of her aunts.




We had some fun jumping for pictures and practicing head stands in the park!



077It was my daughters idea to take this picture, it was so cute!  She said “how about we put all those chairs together and take a picture”


This was a really funny moment, when a bird pooped on my sister!  Lol!  She was glad she had borrowed my shirt that day 😦


My mom, aunt, daughter and I headed over to a great place called Glenn Falls and had some fun exploring. The waterfall is beautiful and there are always lots of ducks and other animals 🙂


She was so thrilled to pose with me for a picture 🙂


My mom and aunt were really nervous about this picture, lol!  I really wanted her in front of it, but it was a bit of a scary ledge!


We had quite a few more adventures while there, but I’ll write a few more posts about them! This one is already full of pictures!  Did I ever mention that I LOVE taking photos?

What kind of everyday adventures do you go on when you are on vacation?



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