Scavenger Hunt Fun with Family!

My mom had an idea that we should do a fun scavenger hunt while visiting.  She made up a list of animals and other odd things that you might see while hiking, and she had it all printed on cardstock, and in color.  They looked really nice!  She made one for each of the 5 grandkids that were attending the scavenger hunt, and we made special binoculars too 🙂


She used water bottles and colorful duct tape to get them ready for decorating at our special craft time.  Each kid worked on their own and they were all very different!

imageShe picked out a special park that she liked and we all met there.  It was a bit of a ways away, but it was a really cool park!


We tried to get a group picture, but when you are taking pictures of kids, they don’t always cooperate, lol!


My daughter even had a walking stick that she found and painted.  It matched her outfit that she picked out for the hike. Can you see her pencil in her headband? Lol!  They never stay behind her ears, so she sometimes tucks them in her headband.



Doesn’t it look like they are getting a nature lesson from my sister Alison?  They had found something and were all checking it off on their list.

The backpacks were a bit of a last minute thing.  I rode my moms bike to the dollar store and grabbed them before heading out.  She wrote all their names on them and then put their clip boards, pens, and lists in them.

050One of the cool things about this park was all the wooden walkways throughout.

176We tried another group shot, and what you can’t see is my nephew running away again, lol!

211The pictures of them looking through the binoculars just crack me up 🙂

128My daughter had so much fun! She is such a little explorer- and I won’t lose her easily in the woods in the outfits she picks to hike in 🙂


She kept getting mad that she had to stop and wait for us, she was in a hurry to make it through and find everything!



Here is our whole crew for the day! It was a whole lot of fun! And a very cheap activity for us- the only thing we bought special was the backpacks, and they were $1 each, so I spent $5 and the rest of the stuff was recycled items from around the house and various craft supplies that my mom and sister already had.

There was a playground there too so the kids played on that for awhile before we headed home.

Do you go on fun adventures like this with your family?


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