Happy New Year! Running totals and FUN news!

Happy New Year!

It’s the end of the year and it’s been a great one!  I am very proud that I ran my first half marathon this year!  And I’m super glad I did it too!

A lot of my friends have been totaling up their running for the year, so I went into my Nike+ app to see how far I ran.  It wasn’t the 500 miles I wanted to run this year, but I still ran a lot!  Here are my monthly totals:

January 18.2

February 14.2

March 19.1

April 26.9

May 30.8

June 40.5

July 24.4

August 32.1

September 52.7

October 6.14

November 2.12

December 2.0

Total 269.16

There is a big reason I slacked off after September!  I got sick!  So sick!

And then I found out why:

DSC_0014This active family of 3 is going to become a family of 4!  I couldn’t believe it!  I waited 8 days to take a test (my friend Dawn will laugh at this, because she practically hit me over the head with the test to make me take it last time I was pregnant, lol!).  The funny thing is, my husband asked me a few days before if I was pregnant because I was crocheting, and he said the last time he saw me doing that, I was pregnant with my daughter.

I will be running again soon.  Once the nausea faded away, I ended up with a bad sinus infection that I haven’t been able to kick.  I spent a few days of our vacation laying on a couch with a heating pad on my face, just trying to relieve the sinus pain.  It’s gotten much better, but running when my sinuses are that congested does not turn out well.  Today was the first day I woke up without a headache in 10 days, so I’m making progress!

I will not be running a half marathon in May like I was planning, as I will be 8 months pregnant then, but I will keep up with running and maybe get a 5K or 10K done in the spring.  I was not a runner when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I plan to see how long I can run with this one.  My doctor says it is ok, as long as I keep my heart rate under 140 (which is pretty impossible for me, but I’m trying to slow down!), and I am not doing more than what I was doing before.

My daughter is not too thrilled about having a baby.  She wanted one for awhile, but the fact that it could be a boy is not ok with her.

Me: What if the baby is a boy?  What will we name him?

AB: No name, just boy!

Me: What if it’s a girl?

AB: Cat.

Lol!  She’s pretty funny about it.  Her and my husband go back and forth with it and when he says something about her having a brother, she just corrects him by saying “sister”.  We will find out in February, and until then we will toss names around.  My favorite has already been vetoed and my daughter has been calling one of her babies by that name, so my husband says it’s now off limits.  We will see 🙂


This picture cracks me up!  I didn’t realize she was making a crazy face until I got the pictures on the computer to edit them 🙂


Happy New Year to you!  Hopefully my next post will be about running!

Have you run through a pregnancy?  How did it work out for you?


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Running totals and FUN news!

  1. Kim says:

    Huge congratulations!!! So exciting!
    Yes, I ran through 2 pregnancies – everything I read and my DR said it was fine since I already was a runner.
    Good luck!


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