What will the baby be? Boy or girl?

So of course I’ve been asking myself this question over and over again.  What will the baby be?  Boy or girl?  It really does not matter, as long as the baby is healthy of course.  But, if it’s a boy, we have a lot of selling and buying to do since a lot of what we have is pink!

My daughter is convinced it will be a girl.  And she does not want to accept that it will be a boy.  She has recently decided that she will love it anyways, but she also says that there are enough boys in our house (there is only one right now, lol!)

When we were pregnant with my daughter, it was at the time that 3D ultrasound places were popping up all over St. Louis so they had open houses.  They were free ultrasounds!  They only lasted 5 minutes, and they tried to sell you a full appointment, but it was totally worth it!  One of them even had a photographer there and they took a few free maternity photos.  Anyways, my husband came to one with me and I was 18 weeks along, and they asked if we wanted to know what the baby was!  We were like YES!  They said girl.  My husband withheld judgement until we had the big ultrasound a few weeks later, but I already started planning the nursery right then 🙂

The maternity photos were taken at 27 weeks, and the ultrasound wasn’t that great then because she was pretty big by then!

preg photo annabelle

Because of my infertility, and constant worry, I had a few more ultrasounds than someone who wasn’t “high risk” and every time I had one, the ultrasound technician would say “you have a very active baby”.  Every.  Time.

My husband and I always laughed it off and thought, how the heck do they know?

Well- they knew.  Oh boy did they know!  Do they tell everyone that? I mean, she gave up “naps” at age 1.  And I say “naps” in quotation marks because she never really “napped” like most kids do.  Well, like my friends kids do.  When I would pick her up from daycare, they would hand me her daily schedule where they marked how much she ate, when she ate, diaper changes, etc.  Well, her nap section would have little 5 minute naps written in.  I would ask about it and they would say “oh, she didn’t sleep because she wasn’t tired”.  Now, looking back, I want to punch them.  Lol!  I really don’t punch people, I just would have probably pointed out that she was 3 months old!  How is a 3 month old NOT TIRED ALL DAY!!!!?????

My daughter definitely has my husbands energy, because I do not have the energy she has.  So what will this baby be like?  My husband and I keep talking about what if it’s a girl, or a boy, or what if it sleeps?  Or what if it’s just like her? We both decided that if the ultrasound technician tells us that this baby is active, we will want to punch them, lol!  Don’t worry, no punching will happen 🙂

I’m having a hard time imagining what this baby will be like, or what it will be like to have a boy, after having a girl.  I just keep saying “everyone says your second is the opposite of the first, and I’m counting on that, because I don’t know how I could keep up with 2 Annabelle’s!”

We have a name picked out for a boy.  But we can’t agree on a girl. My favorite girl name has been vetoed, and turned into a baby doll name.  So we aren’t mentioning names in front of Little Miss right now, because she will steal it! Lol!  I try to get her input, and it goes something like this:

Me: What should we name the baby if it’s a girl?

Belle: Cat.

Me: What if it’s a boy?

Belle: Just BOY!

Lol!  She’s so funny!

We find out on February 5th.  What do you think?  I definitely feel like I am carrying very low this time and people say that means boy.  I was so sick for the first trimester and I wasn’t with my daughter.

side by side preg pictureOn the left, is me pregnant with my daughter.  On the right is last week.  Do I look like I’m carrying lower?

Give me your guess and some baby names to add to our list to consider 🙂


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