My Mom is amazing

So I think I’m pretty lucky, my mom is amazing.  She really is.  I probably didn’t think so when I was a teenager. There’s no probably about it, I didn’t think she was amazing as a teenager.  Well, for about a year when I was 16 I think (Mom?), I rebelled a little.  Decided I didn’t like it and then got a job working with her.

What is so amazing about my mom, is that she decides she would like to do something, and then she does it.  Even if it takes a lot of time, and resources- she gets it done! If she doesn’t like how something is going in life, she changes it, simple as that!

She wanted to open a tea shop, so she started working on her plans, looking at property and then took a leap, quit her job and opened her shop! So many people rallied around her and helped out with painting, organizing, moving, carrying…you name it, they did it!  It was amazing, and it was a great place to be!  A lot of people came to eat, drink tea (she did offer coffee for people like me who cannot stand tea, lol!), play games, hear music or just hang out.  She also sold her custom artwork there and consigned other custom artwork from local artisans.

When she decided to close the shop, it was a touch decision for her, but it was the right decision for her at the time.  She had to write her book!  It has just been published and she is scheduling book signings in her local community now.  She gathered an editing team, wrote her book and found a publisher.  It was a lot of work!  But she had a dream, and she wasn’t going to stop until she accomplished that dream.

If you want to check out her book, you can find it on Amazon here: A Girl Like Me

Besides following her dreams, my mom is one of the most adventurous people I know!  Every time I visit she fills our time with new adventures. Sometimes they don’t work out like we planned, but most of the time we have a blast! Sometimes we get completely lost, but we always find our way back home.

I can’t tell you her whole story, you can get that from reading her book 🙂

Last time I visited, I found this picture in my aunts stash, isn’t my mom beautiful?


Here are a few other things about my mom:

imageShe’s definitely not afraid of play dough like I am 🙂

imageShe’s a great grandmother- who else gives their granddaughter a make up kit so she can look this beautiful? Lol!

imageIt’s pretty amazing that she ended up with 2 rambunctious grandchildren on her lap, asleep.


I know I’m pretty lucky to have such a great mom 🙂 I get to talk to her everyday, even if it’s just on the phone, Facebook or by text.  We get to visit in person once or twice a year and we have a lot of fun when that happens.

Has someone in your life followed their dreams like this?

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