What should I name my baby?

So now that we know it’s a GIRL! we need to come up with a name.  What should I name my baby?

It didn’t take us that long to come up with Annabelle’s name.  It was a combined effort, as I liked the Belle in Isabelle and he liked Anna, so we combined them and I think it’s a perfect choice for her 🙂

Since I was convinced it was a boy, I had a boy name set in my head and was ready.  And then the ultrasound tech said it was a girl, so I had to start thinking again…I’ve liked Emmalynne for awhile, but my husband wasn’t a fan.  So we started scouring baby name websites and making a list.  He had his favorite and was sitting on the other side of the room whispering the name to me every few minutes.  Then he would text it to me from work with a smiley face.

But none of the names were sticking in my head.  I almost typed Emma Grace on the ultrasound picture when I shared it, because we had both liked that name and it was almost going to be her name….but we read that Emma is #1 in popularity for the last few years and we were looking for something a little more unique.

ultrasound picture

I keep looking at this picture and trying to get a feel for her name.  It’s not the greatest ultrasound picture- we definitely had better with Annabelle- so I can’t really “see” what she looks like, know what I mean?

I’m really bad at decisions like this.  You know, the ones that involve other people and last a LONG time!  I remember shortly after Annabelle was born, on a day that she cried all. day. long. that I wondered if we picked the right name and I felt horrible about the fact that maybe she will hate her name when she grows up.  Then she fell asleep and I got over it, and I haven’t regretted her name since.

I asked for suggestions on Facebook and was given a lot of names!  We looked through them all, tried them out with the middle names we like, and kept on thinking.  We are even trying them out with Annabelle to see how they sound together.

So I do have a current favorite, and it might be her name, but we have time yet, so I’m still thinking and listening 🙂

If you have children, how did you come up with their names?


One thought on “What should I name my baby?

  1. simply your mom says:

    I had a Mom that I loved and I had a next door neighbor that took a liking to me the minute I was born, I loved her too. My first baby your big sister, Alison, I named with my Mom in mind, and my second child, you, Bethany Grace…I named with that neighbor in mind. Her name was Betty Grace. I smoothed it into Bethany Grace because it seemed to flow easier. And when I laid my hand on my belly and whispered the name, you seemed to respond. I think the name for your next daughter is already in your heart, she hears it, and you will know it soon!


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