I’m going to the Just Between Friends Sale!

I am going to the Just Between Friends Sale this weekend!

I love looking at all the baby stuff at the store, but the prices are just too much for me!  Knowing what I know about my first daughter, and the way her clothes could be destroyed after one wearing, I have a hard time spending $15 on an outfit, no matter how cute it is!  That’s why I’m so excited to be going to the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale this weekend in Milwaukee!

I was very excited to get the invitation to the blogger presale this weekend.  There are some things I NEED, yes, need, for this baby, since we sold or gave away most of our stuff.  I’m sure there will be stuff I WANT too 🙂

My current list of NEEDs are:

1. Monitor

2. Baby gate that extends more than just a doorway (we just put an offer on a house with a step down to a living area and the doorway is wider- and they offer was accepted!)

3. Play mat (you know, the kind where they lay down and there are toys hanging above them?)

4. Newborn clothes

5. About 20 pairs of leggings in size 6 for my very picky daughter who spends 30 minutes every morning trying to convince me to let her wear dirty ones, or ones that are too short…

My current list of WANTs are:

1. Baby shoes- I really like the Robeez kind

2. Crib mobile

3. Anything else cute that I find 🙂

I love buying second hand, and these sales are my favorite!  There is so much to choose from, and it’s all in such great shape, and the prices are right!

Have you been to big sales like this?  People sign up to tag and bring their stuff for sale.  After the sale, you get a check for what sold.  So easy!  I’ve never been a seller, but I have shopped at one before.  Last time, my husband came along and so did Annabelle.  I definitely prefer shopping alone, it was a little stressful looking with so many people around, plus my daughter who was a lot smaller at the time.

Do you like to go to these sales?

I was offered entrance to a pre-sale event along with a gift card to attend.  This in no way influences my opinion about t his event.  For more information, see my Disclosure page.


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