I’m done running…for now

Sadly, I’m done running during this pregnancy.  I hadn’t run in a few weeks, mostly because of time and weather.  Plus the cramping.  That turned out to be more than just growing pains. But the antibiotic did the trick and I was without cramps for 2 days, so I thought I would try a nice slow run around the block.

Running is stress relief for me.  And we are loaded with stress right now!  We just put an offer in on a house that was accepted.  I had two interviews for a job that I want REALLY BAD and I was told I will get a call on Monday about their decision.  My daughter is turning 5 on June 10.  We close on the house on June 7.  The baby is due June 21.  School goes until June 12.  I spent all day Monday in the hospital with contractions.  My daughter and I are supposed to be traveling to my hometown after Easter and I think the doctor is going to say no to that now. Our subdivision is having  a big sale the first weekend of May.  We have a lot of stuff we could get rid of.  Since we are moving out, we have to have the house “show ready” for any potential renters.

So I thought, with no cramps left, and some nice weather, why not go for a short little run around the neighborhood.


My daughter has been full of questions lately.  So while I was getting dressed, she was asking away! “Mommy, why do your pants go up so high like that? Because there’s a baby in there? What music are you going to listen to? Can I go?”

I told her I only had a few minutes to run but she followed me out the door anyways.  And started running.  I put my music on, but she just kept on talking… “does the baby like when you run? what is she doing in t here? what music are you listening to?  thanks for letting me come with you!”

I said “I didn’t really have a choice about you coming, did I?” and she said “yeah, you’re right!”  So the stress relief I usually get from listening to some music while alone…that wasn’t happening.



She was certainly enjoying herself.  Even if I wasn’t 😦

I didn’t last very long.  I was getting more stressed having her with me.  I was picturing her falling and hurting herself and me having to call my husband to drive around the corner to get us because I wouldn’t be able to pick her up…so we turned around.

Then I changed and went to my group meeting that I go to every Sunday.  And had a bunch of contractions.  So I guess I’m done running.

I need some new form of stress relief.  I tried Yoga, but I just can’t get into it enough.  And without being familiar with the poses, modifying them the way I would need to since I am pregnant, is not easy.

What do you think?  Give me some ways to relieve stress that won’t also cause contractions.


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