Motherload Maternity Support Band Review

I was very excited to hear I was going to be able to review the Body after Baby Motherload Maternity Support Band.

Body After Baby Mom Ambassador

Being pregnant is rough on your back!  Your weight is distributed differently and it seems like it’s a sudden onset one day, and then happens in spurts.  Some days I feel like it’s a struggle to sit, stand, walk…everything!  And then after a few days I adjust to it and am doing good, and then it happens again 🙂

This Motherload Maternity Support Band came at the perfect time!  I had just started working and was on my feet A LOT! I was looking for the support band I used with my daughter for a little extra support when I saw that I was chosen as a Mom Ambassador!

My daughter was amused the first time I put this on.  I decided to put it on under my pants because I didn’t want to have to take it off every time I needed to use the bathroom.  The material is soft and breathable and it  caused no problems for me to wear it that way.   I felt like it really helped hold up my growing stomach and support it enough that my back didn’t hurt.


One of the great things about the support band, is that if I felt like I needed more support, I just had to pull one of the support straps to make it a little tighter.  It is really easy to do, and was much easier than the support band I used in my last pregnancy that needed to be completely undone and re-strapped.

The few times I took it off, or forgot to put it on right away, I felt the need to hold my stomach up when I was moving faster than a walk.  I only forgot a few times, and usually I had it with me and just had to take a minute to put it on in my office at work.  I found that on days that I started with my Motherload on, I had less discomfort than the days I put it on halfway through the day.

I was worried that you would be able to see this throug my clothes, so to show you how well it doesn’t, I put on my leggings and a fitted shirt over it:
Can you see it?

Besides work, I wore this for extra support when I went to an expo and a consignment sale and I was REALLY glad to have it for both of those days!

I did try this out for a run, and had I not had other complications, it would have really helped!  Unfortunately, my running is over for this pregnancy, but had I continued, I would have put this on for each run.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Body after Baby Motherload Maternity Support Band if you are pregnant.  They have products to help with after the baby is born also!

I was sent this product for review, but my opinions are my own.  For more information, check my Disclosure Page.

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