This second pregnancy is tough!

I was spoiled with my first pregnancy- this second pregnancy is tough! I had some pretty big plans to run through this pregnancy.  And be super fit and comfortable and not have any problems.  Then I ended up at the hospital.

My doctors office told me to give it some time and see how I felt.  So I hung up.  Then I called back and said I’m coming in.  They hooked me up to some monitors to check her heartrate and to see if I was contracting.

Everything was looking good for awhile.  Then the contractions started.  I could feel them.  And I could see them on the monitor.  I was about to take a picture of the monitor to send to my sister when the nurse came running in with an IV kit and said they were going to pump me with a ton of fluid, very quickly, to see if that would help.

I assured her that I was not dehydrated.  I drink more water than anyone I know.  I carry my cup around all day!  And fill it so many times!

But the fluids didn’t do the trick.  I could feel them calm down a little, and then they got bad again.  The nurse came running in with a shot and told me this was their last option.  If the contractions didn’t stop after that, I was being sent to another hospital because they are not equipped to deliver babies at 28 weeks.


Do I look a little crazy?

My phone was dead by this point.  And this was the one day I didn’t bring my charger.  Before my phone died, I managed to text my friend Bridget with my room number and a plea for a phone charger.

So I sat there praying that this shot would do the trick, while watching daytime television.  The only number I knew by heart was my husbands.  But the only phone I saw was on the wall across the room, and I wasn’t allowed to get up without help since I was hooked up to so many things.  But then the phone behind me rang!  I managed to get it, even with an IV in one arm, and a blood pressure cuff on the other.  It was Bridget!  My saving grace!  She had gotten ahold of another friend who was bringing me a charger!

Since I figured out there was  a phone, I called my husband on his cell and let him know I was ok.  I had told him not to come before my phone died.  That was before the shot for contractions.  But by the time I was able to call him again, the doctor had figured out that I had a bladder infection, that I was not dilated, and that the shot was doing the trick.  So I assured him I was ok, and he told me to let him know what I needed.

And then Jen walked in! My other saving grace!  She had a phone charger, so she plugged me in right away and kept me company.

The doctor came in and let me know they were sending me for a sonogram to check the baby’s size since she was measuring small last week.  And if I were go to into preterm labor, they would need to know if she was extra small.

So they wheeled me over to the sonogram office, with Jen’s help on all the doors, and took a look at the baby.  She had been moving like crazy all day!  Knocking off the monitor and having a little party in there- and then she got calm.  She had tucked her arms and legs up above her head and was hiding on the ultrasound tech.

After the scan, they let me go home.  So I rested a bit and went to work the next day.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I was right back in the hospital again.  I was having contractions so I called and they told me to go in.  This was the night before our neighborhood garage sale that we were participating in.  So I told my husband to just go ahead and start getting ready, and I’d be home after they gave me some fluids.


But of course, they ended up having to give me a shot again.  And another antibiotic for yet another bladder infection.  They said some women who are pregnant just can’t kick bladder infections.

So after some fluids and the shot, I went home again.  This time they pumped 2 bags of fluids into me, so I was very swollen for a few days.  And I just sat for the garage sale and did no moving or lifting.  And on Monday I went back to work.

Another 3 weeks later and I go in because I am having contractions 3 minutes apart.  I was just at the doctor 2 hours earlier.  I told the nurse I was having contractions and she assured me I would KNOW if I was in labor and if they were real contractions. I did ask to be checked for dilation because of the contractions and the doctor said I was almost 2 cm and 70% effaced.

So I picked up my daughter and started cooking dinner.  And the contractions seemed to get worse.  I tried to lay on the couch and it didn’t help.  Thankfully, my daughter had run next door to see the neighbors and they said she could stay there.  My husband was at the final walk through of the house we were closing on 2 days later, and then he went to Sears to order  a washer and dryer.  His phone had no reception. My closest friend was 7 minutes away.

So I went out to the car to drive myself and found that a full length mirror had fallen in the path of the garage door and had shattered.  I called my neighbor and she said she would take care of it, and to go ahead and go.  So I did.

The hospital was only about 5 minutes away from that house, but I did manage to have a few contractions on the way.

Once at the hospital, you have to go in by the ER, and then take a nice long walk along a corridor. And then go up an elevator.  And then keep walking and walking.

And the nurse recognized me.  So she hooked me right up and was impressed with the contractions I was having.  She said I had a better pattern than most of her patients in labor.


She got an IV going, then called my doctor.  He gave me 2 choices.  I could go ahead and progress and see if she would come.  Or I could get the shot.  Twice, with 15 minutes in between.  I said I’d take the shot.  I wasn’t comfortable letting her come at 35 weeks.

So 2 shots later, I was cleared to go home.  And told they won’t give me the shot again after 36 weeks.

I sat on my couch the next day.  Doing nothing.  I got up to pee and get food.  It sucked.  My friend Jen came over to clean my kitchen to help me stay put on the couch.  The mess was stressing me out.

I had a few contractions even while sitting.  So I called the nurse and asked if there was a prescription.  That’s how desperate I was.  I want the baby to stay put for a few weeks.  She said no.  So I resorted to checking the internet for ways to prevent contractions.  I found Magnesium will help, so I started taking it 3 times a day.  And my friend made me some essential oils that are safe while pregnant, so now I smell like lavender all day.

I went back to work the next day and it was rough.  I talked to my boss, told him I was trying my best to keep her in there.  That I want to finish the year, but that I was figuring out what needed to be done before the end of the school year just in case I didn’t make it.

I take the Magnesium 3 times while at work.  That is the max I can take it.  So then I go home and sit.

Do you know how hard it is to sit and do nothing when you are moving?  I made it to the closing of the house, which is important.  And then moving day came and I had to sit and watch things get moved.  I can’t unpack.  I can’t organize.  My clothes are all over the floor.  I don’t have all the baby clothes ready.  But my recliner was set up.  The beds are set up.  And I am still sitting.

I sat all day today.  I almost went into the hospital at 6:30 this morning.  The contractions were bad and I was in a lot of pain.  But she calmed down.  So I had breakfast and went to church.  Which was bad.  I had a lot of bad contractions during church.  So I snuck out early and went home.  And sat.  And spent 2 hours tracking contractions with an app on my phone.  I drank a lot of water.  And sat.

And I’m sitting here tonight while she has the hiccups.  For the forth time today.  I am willing her to keep growing, and to calm down so she can stay in there longer.

Wow, that was a long post!  I’ve been frustrated, and sore.  But it’s all worth it in the end.  My body is doing amazing things, and I need to cut it some slack, and enjoy these little (well, BIG) movements she is doing inside, because soon enough she will be outside and I won’t experience this again.

I’m learning a lot of patience through this, as there is a lot that I want to do, but I can’t.  Thankfully I have some great friends who have been helping me out!


I made sure to get this picture taken today, since I feel like I won’t be making it to the next week without her coming.

Maybe my next post will be pictures of a new baby…or maybe about my daughters birthday party that is scheduled for next weekend 🙂


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