My Little Pony Birthday Party Fun!

My daughter is turning 5 and she wanted a My Little Pony birthday party.  Well, she actually wanted a Frozen party at first, but changed her mind.  And I was ok with that, because My Little Pony seemed easier to me 🙂 Since Rainbow Dash is one of her favorite ponies, I did rainbow colors for most items, and drew or printed the rest.

We were really struggling with what to get her as a gift this year my kid has everything already.  She really does.  She has a bucket full of ponies, and a bucket full of Little Pet Shop’s, and Barbies and stuffed animals… She doesn’t NEED any more toys.  So I decided to draw her some of the ponies she liked.

I introduced her to Pinterest, and showed her how to Pin the ponies she liked, and then I drew them when she wasn’t around.  I think they turned out pretty good!  I used colored pencils and then I laminated them to hang up on her walls.  I kept them a secret and decorated with them while she was out with her friend the morning of her party.


My husband snapped this picture while she was still not home.  I thought I did a pretty good job decorating 🙂  She insisted on rainbow curtains that she saw on Pinterest, but she didn’t pin them so I had no idea what she was talking about.  I bought tulle and just hung it up like this, and I will transfer this to her bedroom with her pictures.

DSC_0905Can you see all my pony drawings?  I am pretty proud of them 🙂 She didn’t really realize that I drew them, until I pointed it out.  And then in the middle of the night, when she should have been sleeping, she said “Thank you for drawing all those ponies for me!”

With the recent difficulties with this pregnancy, I was worried I wouldn’t get her party stuff done and be able to put on the party.  But my friends stepped up and helped!  Bridget made the party favor bags, Natalie made the cupcakes, and Mandy helped by taking my daughter the morning of the party so we could get ready, and she helped during the party and with clean up.

DSC_0922-001Aren’t the cupcakes pretty?  When Natalie offered to do them I was very excited!  I am not a very good baker, and since I wouldn’t be making them gluten free, it would make me nervous and I’d be washing my hands CONSTANTLY while baking, so I was glad to have this taken off my plate of stress 🙂


She pinned these two things so I just searched for the particular pony and made these little signs.  There were a few others too, and I laminated them so they wouldn’t get ruined being by the food, and so she can have them as more decorations for her room.  She likes little signs like this.


DSC_0917She was very excited about the My Little Pony plush that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for her, and the t-shirt and wand.  I managed to get her to put a tutu on by putting on mine too 🙂

DSC_0915-001I didn’t keep it on for the party.  It was HOT out!

Her other big surprise for the party was a pinata.  My husband ran out and bought one on the morning of the party.  She has asked for one several times, but I just never wanted to mess with that, but my husband decided he would.  She was very excited!  Of course, she took one swing and the whole thing flew off the string!  So he had to spend some time figuring out how to then get it back up again.  But he did, and they all had fun swinging at it!


She had a really great day and had so much fun with her friends!  She got great gifts that she loved, and she was very gracious when opening them.  She made sure to open the cards and look at them, before ripping into the gift.

Her actual birthday is this upcoming week, and I’m glad we had her party already, because then if her sister comes on her birthday, it won’t seem as traumatic for her.  She has asked me to make sure she doesn’t come on her birthday, so hopefully I can grant her that one wish.

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